Star Wars icons Han Solo is a great gift idea

If you have a Star Wars loved on in your family than Star Wars icons Han Solo may off a great gift for the. The beloved Star Wars character come to live in new way as fans get a look at his history and are brought up to date.

From scoundrel to scruffy looking nerd herder, Star Wars icons Han Solo offers bright colorful pages from art concepts to famous pictures from the classic Star Wars movie franchise.

Also in the book is a look back at the career of Harrison Ford then man who brought Han solo to life. There are also rare and not so rare Star Wars posters to be found in the pages.

No matter which form of the iconic character you like it is in the book. Action figure and trading card pictures are also in the book you will enjoy taking a look at. Also found in the pages is are behind-the-seen photo’s as well has Han Solo book novel covers.

The book also includes pictures and information for “Solo a Star Wars story.” The under appreciated Stand alone film. Fresh off the strongly disliked “Star wars The Last Jedi,” Solo, did not do well at the box office.  It did find it’s way into the hearts of die hard Star Wars fans and took off in DVD sales. So much so that the Star Wars fan base started a Make Solo 2 Happen campaign. A movement that was joined on social media by actors, actresses from the movie as well as director Ron Howard.

At a reasonable price, Star Wars icons Han Solo offers something for the Star Wars fan in your life, or even maybe you.

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  1. As a big Star Wars fan, I will pick up two copies. One for a gift and one for myself after reading this blog.

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