With the end of his career in sight, Detroit Tigers Miguel Cabrera can reach two milestones

Miguel Cabrera is already a Hall of Fame player. He is one of baseball’s all-time great right handed hitters. Yet with any aging player, Cabrera has dealt with injuries the past few seasons. Time has caught up with “Miggy.” With the Detroit Tigers in a rebuild and the aging Cabrera in decline. It is not all bad news. Cabrera can reach two big milestones this season.

PITTSBURGH, PA – APRIL 15: Miguel Cabrera #24 of the Detroit Tigers argues with the umpires in the ninth inning against the Pittsburgh Pirates while wearing the #42 to commemorate Jackie Robinson Day during the game at PNC Park on April 15, 2015 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

Miguel Cabrera is 13 home runs shy of 500 and 134 hits short of 3,000 hits for his career. If he was not already a Hall of Fame caliber player reaching two of baseball sure thing (as in the Hall of Fame) numbers would be the clincher.

It is never easy or fun to watch a player who was once the absolute best at the sport they played decline as the years roll on. That has been the case in Detroit with Cabrera, who has not resembled the player who was the American League back-to-back MVP Award winner in 2012 and 2013.

Miguel Cabrera  turns 38 years old in April. Yet for as much as Miggy loves playing the game of baseball, father time can be cruel. As injuries have piled up it has taken the Tigers star player longer to reach 500 home runs and 3,000 hits. Yet, Cabrera still showed up to rehab in order to get back on the field.

DETROIT, MI – OCTOBER 27: A detailed view of the 2012 Triple Crown Award presented to Miguel Cabrera #24 of the Detroit Tigers prior to Game Three of the World Series against the San Francisco Giants at Comerica Park on October 27, 2012 in Detroit, Michigan. The Giants defeated the Tigers 2-0. (Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

The Tigers have a good minor league prospect pool. One that has Cabrera’s replacement in it. But when a player has accomplished so much, there is no need to bump him out of the lineup. After all when healthy Cabrera can still hit pretty good.

So baseball fans everywhere, will root for Cabrera from a baseball point of view. 500 home runs and 3,000 hits is an awesome achievement for any player on any team. They just have to fight father time or at least fend him off.

Detroit Tigers Miguel Cabrera moving to DH on the heals of “chronic changes” to his knee

Embed from Getty Images It was bound to happen sooner or later, right? Miguel Cabrera held off moving from first base to DH as long as he could.It seems time and the daily grind of playing everyday has caught up with the future Hall of Fame player.

The Detroit Tigers made the announcement last night before the Tigers took on the Tampa Bay Rays. Fans and media wondered how Cabrera would respond. Cabrera said he would not have surgery which would have ended his season yet again. “I’m done with surgery.” Cabrera said.

Fans and media got a first hand look at how Miguel would respond. Miggy went 3 for 4 on Tuesday with five RBI hitting as DH in the cleanup spot, one of his hits was a grand slam. By having  Cabrera in the DH spot on a regular basis will do good for him and the entire Detroit Tigers lineup.

This is good new for player and team. It gives hope that Cabrera will be able to fulfill the last few years of his contract, while still hitting at an elite level and helping the young Detroit prospects as they arrive from the minor leagues.

When a baseball player has a bad knee it is hard to get  drive when they hit. That means a lack of drive negates power.  “It’s sad,” he said. “Really sad. The last few days I was thinking about that. I mean, it’s sad because I like to be in the field ” Miguel Cabrera offered.

Miguel also said “But I’ve been battling this for the last three years. It’s something I’ve got to do.” Doctors told Cabrera that his knee has been deteriorating steadily the last five years.

From 2004 to 2106, Cabrera averaged 154 games a year. He played despite having a torn groin and broken foot in 2013 and 2014. The Detroit Tigers star also noted  that he played through an assortment of other minor injuries.

He offered advice to Detroit Tigers prospects from the lessons he has learned, “The only advice I can say to young kids, take care of your body and stay healthy,” he said. “When you have something, stop playing for a week and come back. Don’t play through pain, because you are going to pay the price later.”

Cabrera can still hit. Now perhaps he will have more drive in his swing with more time off his feet.

Healthy once again Miguel Cabrera is ready to lead the Detroit Tigers

Embed from Getty Images “I feel good. And I want to feel that in the season.” Miguel Cabrera is ready for the 2019 Detroit Tigers season to start. Having missed three and a half months of last season due to a ruptured biceps, Cabrera hit his fourth home run of the spring.

Miguel Cabrera, once one the most feared hitters in major league baseball, is looking like he has turned the clock back this spring. Hitting the ball with extreme force. He is pulling the ball with power. “Not long ago people were saying, “What happened to his power?” Tigers general manager Al Avila said. “He still has it.”

Miguel said he feels good going into this season. Better than the past two injured filled seasons. Cabrera, looks like he has a fresh spring in his step this spring. He is healthy and stated that is his goal. To stay healthy all season.

Scouts, general managers as well as opposing players have noted Miguel Cabrera looks good this spring. Very good. One manager said “You knew he would not end his career on a down note. Proud athletes never do. He is going to be a handful at the plate again this season.”

It is not the four home runs that has people talking it is the fact he is hitting over .300 and leading the Detroit Tigers in doubles and R.B.I.’s not too mention Cabrera is hitting the ball all over the field again.

Miguel Cabrera is 35 home runs away from 500 for his career. If he does indeed stay healthy that is doable this season. One thing to remember, when Cabrera has been locked in, in the past teams walk him. This season that may not be ideal as he will have Nicholas Castellanos and Christian Stewart hitting in front and behind him.

A healthy Miguel Cabrera does not add more wins to the Detroit Tigers outlook in 2019. Nor does it change the fact Detroit is still mid-rebuild. It does give fans something to watch and cheer for. As they wait for pipeline players to make their way to Comerica Park.

If Miguel Cabrera does stay healthy, he would be a good bet for American League Comeback Player Of the Year.

Miguel Cabrera not sorry for signing albatross Contract with the Detroit Tigers

Embed from Getty Images On a team that in 2019 is going nowhere. On an organization setting it’s sights on a brighter tomorrow, one thing remains. Miguel Cabrera and his eight-year, $244 million contract extension from the Tigers in 2014.

At 35 years old and his best playing days behind him Cabrera is owed $162 million through 2023. The past two seasons, he’s missed 156 games with injuries.

There was a time that Miguel Cabrera put fans in the Comerica Park seats. A lot of fans. In his prime he was among the greatest right-handed hitters that game has ever seen. Recently there has been a problem. The past two seasons, Miguel missed 156 games with injuries. While collecting a large sum of money.

While the blame falls squarely on the Detroit Tigers. That is because they made him the offer. There is no athlete that would not take that contract. That is where things are right now player  in decline and the team stuck with a bad contract.

Cabrera says he’s all-in, for the Detroit rebuild, and has no interest in going anywhere else. He wants to be around when the Tigers win again. Cabrera has stated he wants to lead a new group of Tiger players back to the playoffs.

Being that his contract is untradeable there really is not much more he can say. Cabrera has to know he can not ask for a trade. No team would take on that contract for a 35 year old now oft-injured player.

When he goes into the Hall of Fame, and he will, he will go with Tigers cap. He has to. The hope in all of this is that the Detroit Tigers have learned a lesson about what size contract to hand out.

The will have that opportunity again after next season when the team beings to pursue free agents once again. No need to overpay. That hopefully is a thing of the past.

In order to prolong his career the Detroit Tigers should move Miguel Cabrera to full time D.H.

Embed from Getty Images It happens to the best of them. Age catches up with all of us. That is the case with Detroit Tigers first basemen Miguel Cabrera.  Cabrera, already a first ballot Hall of Fame caliber player who has made life rough for MLB pitchers.

A groin tear, two herniated disks in his back in 2017, a cracked foot  in 2014 and a ruptured bicep last season is proof that father time has caught the elite slugger. For his sake he needs to put his glove away.

Cabrera, has played around 2,265 games in his 16 year career. In order for the rebuilding Tigers to keep his batting average, R.B.I.’s and home runs in the lineup The move to full time designated hitter should be made this season.

Word is general manager Al Avila, and Tiger manager Ron  Gardenhire have approached Miguel about spending “more time at D.H.” For a player who prides himself on his defense. He gets a rather large paycheck for his offense.

For the first time in his career  Miguel Cabrera is open to the switch. Perhaps a silent acknowledgment that time has caught up. Perhaps, he understands his value is with a bat in his hands. Showing the young Tiger players how to go about at bats.

One problem is it would leave a HUGE hole at 1B. Unless the Tigers place John Hicks or move Jeimer Candelario from 3B to 1B. One other option would be to see if Nick Castellanos could field the position. Castellanos is playing on a one year deal and is the focus of trade rumors.

It is never easy, never fun to watch a star enter the twilight of their playing days. But if there is a way to ease a player into it those steps should be taken. Cabrera can still help the team. That needs to be the focus.