Just how did Palpatine survive the fall in “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi”

Embed from Getty Images Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, which in my opinion is the best film in the sequel trilogy sparked a debate and conversation, and the conversation around the blockbuster has not slowed down since. Not one single bit. Star Wars fans would have it no other way.

First off, nobody expected Emperor Palpatine to return. The fact Star Wars The Force Awakens and Rise of Skywalker director JJ Abrams gave no such hint the popular Star Wars villain would be showing up in the trilogy until the teaser trailer was a stroke of genius.

The prequels, the original trilogy, and now through the sequels all have one common thread, They are all the story of how the light side of the Force battled against the dark side of the Force and even more specific greatest Sith Lord of all time.

The first, and unarguably the most important, clue came back in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Palpatine attempts to lure Anakin Skywalker to the dark side.

Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith,” Palpatine explained to a very captivated Anakin, “so powerful and so wise he could use the Force to influence the midichlorians to create life… He had such a knowledge of the dark side that he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying.

The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural,”

It appears Palpatine loved himself and wanted to contiune his rein over the galaxy. That line would be repeated by Palpatine this time to Anakin’s grandson Kylo Ren (Ben Solo.) Albeit Palpatine was scared and blind from the surge of falling down the reactor chamber. Or so it would seem.

This quote explains that the Sith can use the dark side of the Force to gain mastery of life and death, and that Palpatine was taught the method by his master the legendary Darth Plagueis.

While it is clear it gives no information as to the method. We know that through the cannon comic series,  Palpatine had owned a mask of Lord Momin. It goes on to say that Palpatine altered the mask. A mask that would end up on the head of Anakin Skywalker after he was beaten by Obi-Wan Kenobi. The mask would bring Anakin now Darth Vader back from the dead.

One more detail is the in the comic series Palpatine worked with a scientist named Cylo. Cylo had created a personality map that could be stored and downloaded into clone bodies. In the older Expanded Universe, there was consciousness jumping into clone bodies.

We now know that this was the method Palpatine used to survive his Return of the Jedi fall, he had clone bodies created, and his consciousness eventually found its way into one. So the soul of Palpatine entered the clone.

This shows the importance of the clone factory on Kamino, in “Star Wars: Attack of the clones.”


Star Wars fans want to know when Emperor Palpatine started to influence Kylo Ren

Embed from Getty Images In what was perhaps the most interesting, yet creepy moment of “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” fans have been wondering when Emperor Palpatine began to invade Kylo Ren’s head and thoughts. Let’s take a closer look.

Now that Disney and Marvel Comics are filling the backstory of Kylo Ren, I thought this would be a good time to see when the evil took over Ben Solo, and seeped into Kylo Ren.

“The Rise of Kylo Ren” comic series brings us close to finding out that Ben Solo never really stood a chance as Palpatine had been in his head earlier than we thought. The comic series tells us how Kylo Ren came into contact and joined the Knights of Ren.

In order to become a mener of the Knights one had to deliver a ‘good kill.” Throughout the series we learn that Ren has been talking with Supreme Leader Snoke.

It is around this time Palpatine starts to play a major role in Ben’s final steps into becoming Kylo Ren , we hear Palpatine tell Ben: “Now you will be who you are. Who you were always meant to be… Claim your birthright and strike him down.”

The him is Tai, a Jedi student who had been trying to get Ben to return to the Light Side.  So there it is! Palpatine had been encouraging the young would be Sith to take his final steps, kill the Jedi student and become who Palpatine wanted him to become, his next apprentice. He used both Snoke (whom he created) as well as speak directly the newly named Kylo Ren.

Showing that as we all know, Palpatine was in control the whole time.

Marvel’s newest comic book series, Star Wars: Bounty Hunters

Embed from Getty Images Marvel Comics announced it is releasing a brand new Star Wars comic series for fans to enjoy, and it’s focus is all on the deadliest beings in the galaxy. Star Wars: Bounty Hunters will bring the best of the best bounty hunters together in the same series, but that does not necessarily working together.

Writer Ethan Sacks, wrote Bounty Hunters #1, which takes place after the events of “The Empire Strikes Back.” In the kick-off graphic novel, the bounty hunter, business is booming. However, a bounty gets informed with the recent whereabouts of one Nakano Lash, a former bounty hunter notorious for betraying her crew on mission to Corellia which failed years earlier.

Lash’s crew consists of Beilert Valance who is a cyborg, Bossk the Trandoshan, and the legendary Boba Fett. These are not bounty hunters anyone would want to cross, and they’re about to show us why they are feared.

After Bounty Hunters #1 shows the betrayal in the past, it jumps back to present time. A bounty is still a bounty, and others will be interested, it’s just that these three in particular have personal axes to grind.

The comic explores Bossk, current failure of not being the one to catch Han Solo and Chewbacca, learns about Lash from none other than Doctor Aphra and the Wookie Black Krrsantan. Boba Fett receives a call from a bounty broker, who informs him of Lash as a courtesty. Despite still having Han Solo frozen in carbonite en route to deliver him to Jabba the Hutt, Fett takes the job offer, free of charge.

Bounty Hunters #1 is a very good start to a series that looks to be high action with plenty of double crosses and deadly gun fights to keep fans guessing as to who will come out on top. The hunt is on!

Disney to release Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker the digital edition early

Embed from Getty Images Many people are choosing to stay home or inside during the coronavirus outbreak. In what was supposed to be a March 17 release, Disney has announced they are releasing the digital edition of the final film in the Skywalker story early. Fans and cooped up people can begin to enjoy the film now.

The Sta Wars December release, saw director J.J. Abrams’ epic conclusion to the Skywalker saga which has already earned more than $1 billion at the worldwide box office and also has recently received three Oscar nominations including Best Original Score, Best Visual Effects and Best Sound Editing.

Despite a 51% Rotten Tomatoes rating from critics it did manage an 86%  audience score, so there’s a chance you’ll be thoroughly entertained with how this third trilogy comes to an end. I know my family was.

I really enjoyed The Rise of Skywalker. It is a very good ending. While I am looking forward to what is next for Star Wars both in streaming shows on Disney Plus as well as films, I can not help but be excited for the early release.

While the Coronavirus outbreak has brought sports to a stop (at least for now) at least there is a good movie to help pass the time with. If you would rather have a hard copy of the movie that is set for a March 31st release. Unless Disney surprises fans again.

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought sports to a halt

Embed from Getty Images “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

-College Basketball season has ended.

-NCAA has canceled all winter and spring championships.

-MLB canceled spring training and have delayed opening day.

-NHL has suspended play.

-MLS has suspended play.

-NFL canceled spring owner meeting.

-XFL has ended it’s season.

-PGA tour has canceled several events.

People tend to have an unhealthy relationship with sports and sports teams. When something that has not been seen since 9/11 has come along and stopped all sports, the Coronavirus pandemic.

People should not be angry. Instead this should be a gut-check. Everyone should be taking the necessary steps as outlined by authorities for themselves as well as family. Perhaps, it is time to go deeper.

To check on neighbors, the elder and ask what needs to be done. Perhaps, help someone wipe down things in their house. Sports certainly have their place. But never at the expense of human life and people’s well being.

There have been strikes over the years in all of the major sports leagues. Sports have come back. They will return again at the proper time. Right now it is best to wait and see.

This is a time to dig into God. Perhaps some of you for the first time. God is unshakable. His promises are true. He is a strong tower in times such as these.

Here at The District, I will keep you informed on the sports side for sure. There will also be more Star Wars content on slow sports news days.

Be safe, be willing, be blessed

MLB Pipeline ranks the Detroit Tigers farm system #5

Embed from Getty Images It continues  to be trending in the right direction. Not long ago the Detroit Tigers farm system was dead last in MLB. Trades as well as solid drafting has pushed the Tigers farm system not only into the top 10, but the top 5 in all of baseball.

With another bad season on deck and likely looking at another top five draft pick the Detroit Tigers are in good shape. Thanks in large part to the Tigers wave of upper level pitching prospects, not to mention the club also has a promising crop of young hitters that could move faster than originally thought. Provides a light at the end of the rebuild tunnel.

To start the 2019 MLB season the Detroit Tigers farm system was ranked #10 and moved up to #6 by the end of the season, due in large part to Tiger prospects who some of which performed well and a few took big steps forward in their development.

The Detroit farm system could see another bump in the ranking by seasons end. The organization has the first pick in this June’s amateur draft, in which many experts and myself included expect the Tigers to take a big (and badly needed) bat.

It has been a long rebuild and the on-field product has looked ugly at times. That is all by design. The quickest way to rebuild is lose a lot of games. Get good draft slots and draft for need and develop it.

This summer it is all about prospects refining their game in route to Detroit. As many as four top prospects are expected to arrive this summer. Though they will most likely be late season call ups.

Next season, the Detroit Tigers will look completely different, as top prospects will break spring training with the team and the team should begin to climb up the division.

After the Detroit Red Wings season concludes, the rebuild is on the shoulders of Steve Yzerman

Embed from Getty Images When he took over as the Detroit Red Wings general manager, Steve Yzerman said he needed time to evaluate the roster. That is what he has been doing this season. The organization began to rebuild before Yzerman took over. When the 2019-20 season ends, the rebuild will be on the franchises former 20 year captain. That is good news.

The Detroit Red Wings are on pace for one of the worst seasons in franchise history. The only good to come from this season is the team has really good odds of winning the NHL draft lottery.

With the Red Wings a shell of their former glory, it is time for Yzerman to get to work. The shaky roster needs a lot of tweaking. from unstable goaltending, to porous defense to a team in desperate need of forwards. Steve Yzerman has a lot of work to do. Work that can not be done all at one.

Dylan Larkin, Tyler Bertuzzi, Robbie Fabbri, Anthony Mantha, Filip Zadina, Filip Hronek and 18 year old Moritz  Seider are players to build around. Bertuzzi and Mantha are restricted free agents and need, and will get new contracts. Robbie Fabbri who came over from a trade with the St. Louis Blues has resurrected his career and in my opinion should be brought back.

While Yzerman has given support to head coach Jeff Blashill, he also said they will review everything at the end of the season. With former Vegas Golden Knights head coach Gerard Gallant (also a former teammate and good friend of Yzerman’s) sitting without a job, it is worth watching.

Yzerman who by his own account is not a patient person, more than likely is chomping at the bit to get moving. He is know as a very aggressive general manager throughout the NHL.

There is a very good chance the Detroit Red Wings (except the core players already listed) will look very different next season. Also, it is likely Yzerman will place either or both Justin Abdelkader and Frans Nielsen on waivers. Both players have bad contracts and have not contributed much to the team. Both players will not be claimed. But Yzerman could send them down to the minor leagues and open roster spots for prospects who could help more than the two veterans.

As the curtain is about to come down on a very bad Detroit Red Wings season the curtain is about to go up and the spotlight will be on the former captain/ current GM Yzerman. Red Wings fans are excited to see what he does.

With all four Detroit sports teams rebuilding, could the Detroit Tigers finish first

Embed from Getty Images In 2003 the Detroit Tigers lost 119 games, it was the key turning point in the late Tigers owner Mike Ilitch’s tenure. He was so embarrassed, he vowed to do more, just as he had when he turned the “Dead Things” the into Stanley Cup champion Detroit Red Wings. After last seasons 114 losses, will that be the turning point of current Tigers owner Christopher Ilitch’s tenure?

The Detroit Lions lack talent in many areas of the roster, with unproven general manager Bob Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia.  And the Detroit Pistons? Dwane Casey is a solid coach, but they finally chose the time is now to rebuild.

The Detroit Red Wings do have a proven general manager, who will return the Red Wings to the national stage, no one is doubting that. It will take time for Steve Yzerman to complete the task before him though.

Poor management, ownership in activity, bad contracts and bad luck, have defined the four Detroit sports teams. In my opinion it is the Detroit Tigers, have a head start.

First of all the Detroit Tigers have the most valuable commodity in their sport  young, promising pitching. The Tigers have four prospects in the MLB Pipeline’s Top 50, the franchise is as stocked as they have ever been, in route to a top 10 of farm system.

The Tigers also have something the Lions, Red Wings and Pistons do not currently have, the first pick in the draft at their sport. Last weekend Christopher Ilitch in an interview used the phrases “very competitive” and  “the fire is burning inside,” to let media and fans know how he feels about the Tigers, putting all doubt and fear aside.

As is if building the brand new Little Caesars headquarters next to Comerica Park did not send a strong enough signal. It is a short walk from his new office to the ballpark.

Christopher Ilitch is very analytical, much less emotional, probably a product of the corporate world he lives in much of the time. He speaks in measured tones but seems to be  more comfortable in the spotlight.

One thing seems for certain, the Detroit Tigers are closer to being a threat again in baseball, with the Red Wings not far behind. Ilitch says he is confident in delivering on that goal of the rebuild: “Be patient, be disciplined and we’re going to get there.”

The Yzerman effect on the Detroit Red Wings

Embed from Getty Images Do not believe it. Since taking over as Detroit Red Wings general manager, Steve Yzerman has repeatedly said he can not put a time frame on rebuilding the Red Wings into a playoff contender. Do not believe because while he is not willing to publicly say, Yzerman has a time frame. That is something you can believe in.

Steve Yzerman’s first season as Detroit Red Wings general manager has been about observing the team and the minor league teams. He even delayed naming a captain and has kept the coaching staff intact throughout a woeful Red Wings season.

While Yzerman has been true to his word about acquiring more draft picks in order to speed up the rebuild while making the Red Wings a younger team, he is also know the team has contracts coming off the books that will allow him to spend on free agents at some point and time.

Much like his time in the Tampa Bay Lightning organization, Yzerman has had a busy season, he has traveled across North America and to Europe to scout players who may be able to help the Red Wings. When Yzerman has been at home, he watches Red Wings games and practices at Little Caesars Arena.

In a bad season, players know they are being judged. Much like his playing days as 20 year captain of the Detroit Red Wings, Yzerman is still holding  guys accountable. It has to be somewhat unnerving for the players, none of the current Red Wings team was drafted by Yzerman.

Steve Yzerman said before the season started he was not going to name a captain. Just last week he said he will name a captain before next season. So there is a time frame for that.

Yzerman, said something of interest last week shortly after the 2020 NHL trade deadline, he said he put this years team together knowing they would not succeed. Why would he do that, you might be asking yourself? First the team would not have to tank, they would be bad enough to finish dead last. Second, The Detroit Red Wings core players Dylan Larkin, Tyler Bertuzzi, Anthony Mantha and Filip Hornek have suffered though this season, yet it could be be design. Yzerman has said he wants players with a “high compete level.”

What better way to find compete levels, than on a team destined to fail.

Steve Yzerman has a time frame for when he wants his hockey team to be rebuilt by. Even if he is not saying right now.


Detroit Tigers chairman and CEO Christopher Ilitch tells fans he will spend money

Embed from Getty Images Rebuilds are not fun, there is no two ways around it. Detroit Tigers chairman and CEO Christopher Ilitch, on his yearly visit to spring training spoke about the current state of the Detroit Tigers, the process of rebuilding the team and the future plans he has envisioned for his franchise.

First in what promises to be another long season at Comerica Park, perhaps the final long season as top prospects are preparing to take their final steps to the major leagues…….. Yes, Christopher Ilitch will spend money on free agents  when the time is right.

This was both a relaxing trip for Ilitch and a business trip rolled in one. The Detroit Tigers owner was there to check in on top prospects. Before the Tigers took on the Toronto Blue Jays, Christopher Ilitch asked Tigers general manager Al  Avila if there was a chance he could see one of the teams top  prospects, outfielder Riley Greene in the game.  Lo and behold, Greene was added to the lineup.

Christopher Ilitch is a baseball fan at heart. He grew up attending Detroit Tigers games when his father (the late Mike Ilitch) owned the team. Last season when his franchise lost 114 games it did not exactly sit well with the owner.

“You know, I get it. I understand the frustration,” Ilitch said. “Tiger fans are the greatest. We’re exceptionally grateful for the loyalty and dedication of Tiger fans. Tiger fans want to see winning teams on the field and they deserve to see winning teams on the field. And I can tell you everybody here in the Tiger organization is working exceptionally hard to deliver winning teams on the field.”

“I believe in the process. It’s not going to happen overnight, but we … will … get there,” Ilitch continued. “We know how to win. We have rebuilt the Detroit Tigers successfully before and we’re going to do it again.”

“We’re going to do whatever it takes to do it again. Having lived through it before, having lived through it in a different sport, these things are on their own timetable sometimes. A lot of factors, as you know, go into it.”

Detroit Tigers fans have often wondered out loud if Christopher Ilitch would spend money saying they thought he was too frugal and would never spend money on top free agent players like his father did.

The Tigers owner gave an answer that should put those thoughts to rest, “When I feel the time is right, Al (Avila) is going to have the resources to go out and sign the free agents he needs to add around our home-grown base and core of talent.”

“At the end of the day, for us to be competitive on a longer term basis, we are building this team the right way,” Ilitch went on. “I have absolute confidence that we are building a Tigers team that Tiger fans will be proud of, a team that will live up to the tradition of our storied franchise.”

Until the team is ready to add players to the top prospects, enjoy baseball, the time will soon come the Tigers will roar again.