Michigan vs Michigan State a rivalry built on desdain

Embed from Getty Images It was ugly. It always was going to be. Michigan State players who for years have done questionable antics started the show. Taking Michigan Wolverine players head phones, trying to trip them and throwing pregame punches. All as Spartans head coach Mark Dantonio stood by smiling.


Rivalries are by nature nasty. They build up and then release. Michigan linebacker Devin Bush in retaliation to the Spartans pregame brew-ha scraped his cleats across the Michigan State logo on the middle of the field. Childish? yes.


Michigan should not have an eye for an eye thought process. But in a rivalry emotions seem to take over. Right or wrong. They should have been the bigger group of players. Michigan State is known for this throughout Dantonio time at the school.


Michigan, destroyed Michigan State all over the stat sheet and scoreboard. That should have been enough. Michigan is in the drives seat to finish the 2018 “Revenge Tour.” That is what senior defensive end Chase Winovich labeled this season for the Wolverines.


In my opinion that is part of what lead to the pregame flare up. it is hard to have revenge when your school has struggled in recent years. I get trying to kick start it. Which it seems to have done.


With Michigan State having a bad season and Ohio State looking like they have lost a lot of luster. Michigan now has a clear shot to win the Big Ten and perhaps go to the College football playoffs. That and not revenge should be the focus.


Through it all Michigan has regained swagger that has been missing. Jim Harbaugh who has been building his program has caught up to Dantonio and Urban Meyer. Now the playing field is level.


So no matter what “little brother” does. Michigan can not let it get under their skin. Just line up and beat them. That is better than revenge.


Solo a Star Wars story is under appreciated

Embed from Getty Images It was never meant to fit into a trilogy. It was the first real Star Wars stand alone. Yet, it was not well received. That does not change the fact Solo a Star Wars story is a fun break from the same old, same old.


Much was made of the director switch early in production. Ron Howard, was brought in and made a solid piece of art. Which is no small task given the movie that was involved.


Alden Ehrenreich, was fine as the lead Han Solo. One thing that bothered me was how he received his last name. From and empire employee. Just did not sit well with me.


Emilia Clarke as the love beauty Qi’ra delivered a solid performance. She seemed to fit with other Star Wars leading ladies very well.  Woody Harrelson was a veteran actor who brought stability to the film as did Dydren Vos who was portrayed by Paul Pettany.


The greatest acting job came from Donald Glover. Lando Calrissian, came to life in a young fun ways. He really became a young Billy Dee Williams. Other than an awkward moment where he seemed to treat his droid shutting down like his girlfriend. Glover was fantastic.


I don not want the same settings in my Star Wars films. I want new. New locations, new ships, new characters. Yes this had characters we have all come to love and know. But in a new light.


The film was interesting as it felt like we knew what was going on but we did not. The story was sort of ho-hum. But where the story lacked. The acting carried it.


I went into the film not knowing anything. I walked out feeling good. Not great like “The Force Awakens.” But, good. Better than I thought I would.


If there are more stand-alone films. They should look to Solo as a blueprint. Star Wars fans would rather a solid film than mass produced junk. As a Star Wars fan I would rather a film every two years. Not one right after another.





Michigan Wolverines: the team has come a long way

Embed from Getty Images The team that began the season in South Bend against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish is not the same team that just beat the Wisconsin Badgers. Jim Harbaugh has molded this team into a power again.


The Michigan Wolverines offensive line that was a sore spot last season has grown into a huge area of strength. Pass and run blocking has taken a huge step forward.


The defense is ranked #1 in the country. It was never going to be an issue. It is the linebackers that have shined the brightest. They swarm to the ball. This group is flat out nasty.


However, what has been missing from a Jim Harbaugh lead Wolverines team have been two key factors. Quarterback.  Running back. They have had ok players at those positions. This year they have game- changers .


Quarterback Shea Patterson has been as good as advertised. Dangerous in the pocket, Patterson unleashed a new side to his game vs the Badgers. Shea Patterson, can run. He had an 81 yard TD that now puts fear in the rest of the teams on the Michigan football schedule.


Running back Karan Higdon has become a go-to player. Chris Evans was supposed to be “the guy.” However Evans has missed games due to injury. Giving Higdon, an opportunity to take control of the job.


This years Michigan football team has become a well rounded group. They have a big game Saturday vs Michigan State. It will tell us how far the team has come. Michigan opened up as a 7 1/2 point favorite.


Should the Wolverines beat Sparty. They will become the team to beat. Even over Ohio State who this year has a flawed defense.


This is what Michigan fans have waited for. A return to the limelight. The time is at hand

Detroit Lions: are looking for consistency

Embed from Getty Images With wins over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots and Aaron Rogers and the Green Bay Packers. The Detroit Lions look good. But 3 losses against sub-par teams leaves people scratching their heads.


There was always going to be an adjustment period in Detroit. The Lions after all had a new head coach. It has taken the entire preseason and 5 games into the regular season. It looks like coach, coaching staff and players are all on the same page.


It is not the 2-3 record that means anything. It is the fact that across the board the Detroit Lions have shown growth. The offensive line that under-performed in weeks 1 vs the New York Jets have gelled and are a great asset to the team.


In order to become a more physical team Detroit has cranked up the running game. It has shown real life.  LeGarrette Blount is a basher. Kerryon Johnson is the speed. They have been a formative combo.


Kenny Golladay, is turning into a superstar. The second year wide receiver ranks 5th in yards per catch at 15.9. He is a short, middle and deep threat. To go along with Golden Tate and Marvin Jones the team is looking much better.


Defensively is where the Detroit Lions have come the furthest. Defensive end Da’ Shawn Hand looks like a draft day steal in the third round. Da’ Shawn is 10th overall, and seventh most disruptive against the pass also he has been the best rookie interior defender in the league.


The team heads into their bye-week beating the rival Green Bay Packers in a one sided affair. They harassed Aaron Rogers all day and shut down the Packers running game.


The Lions need to clean a few things up during the week off. They need to begin to get up for the lesser teams the way they do against good teams. General manager Bob Quinn’s draft picks and free agents have been a blessing to the team.


Bob Quinn, is quickly becoming a know general manager around the league and is getting praise from his fellow general managers. I look for the Detroit Lions to keep grinding and get better every week. They are headed in the right direction.


As long as rookies continue to improve the Detroit Lions are building something that will lead to bigger things.

Detroit Lions: Matt Millen needs prayers

Embed from Getty Images Often a punching bag for the Detroit Lions fans. Former general manager Matt Millen is in a battle. For his life. “Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.” Jeremiah 33:6


While it is true that Matt Millen’s time as Detroit Lions general manager is among the worst in sports history. It is also true that Matt Millen is a human. As such it is time for Lions fans to let go of the past.  He is not a bad person.


At just 60 years old. The former Oakland and L.A. Raiders linebacker needs at heart transplant. He faces an incurable disease. To Matt Millen, I would say God is greater than your struggles. But his Christian life allows him to walk forward and not have any worries about his future.


To Detroit Lions fans who once staged a fire Millen rally. I would say let bygones be bygones. He is and has been a terrific football announcer in between his Lions job. His work with the Lions does not define him in any way.


Working this season for the Big Ten Network. Matt Millen announced he needed to step away for health reasons. Millen said of his illness “We’re down 13. Playing defense. It’s getting late.” Also known as I know what I am up against.


In order to do day to day life Millen has endured 38 rounds of chemotherapy. Millen is charming and very kind. Lions fans need to know this about the man. Can we stop and come to an agreement some things are flat out bigger than sports?


To forgive is divine. You have heard it. You may have even said it. It is time to live it. No matter your background. Your belief, your unbelief. Say a prayer in your own space. But do it with a pure heart full of good intentions.


God bless, Matt Millen. He needs it.

Detroit Tigers: prospects getting tough love

Embed from Getty Images In an attempt to prepare top prospects to take the next step. The Detroit Tigers are tutoring pipeline players in Florida. It starts now. It has to.


For the rebuilding Detroit Tigers, player development is taking center stage.  Tigers player development manager Dave Littlefield is spearheading the charge. Noting that this is what is best for the players and the organization. Littlefield should know, He oversaw a Pittsburgh Pirates minor league that went on to push the parent team to solid play.


Growing pains come with every team in every sport. Players come, players go. But when a team is rebuilding and it is all hands on deck. It is paramount development takes place and players begin to play fundamental ball.


In his short call up outfielder Christian Stewart missed the cut-off man and a run scored. Manager Ron Gardenhire was less than happy. Gardenhire said the minor leagues need to get back to basics.


Gardenhire, had seen his fair share of sloppy fundamental ball. And was the one who was voicing both his concern and displeasure. He wondered out loud just what the Detroit Prospects were learning. As the major league manager Gardenhire is well within his rights to have his voice heard.


While there is not enough days to work with and teach all of the Tigers prospects in one offseason. Ron Gardenhire said next season nothing is off the table. That includes in-game benchings.


It is not that mistakes were and are made. That is life. It is and was the fact that players made no adjustments. Sometimes good old fashion tough love is needed. These are the tough love time for the Tigers.


These are the right steps for the Detroit Tigers to take. Better player development as well as tough love. Something needs to break through to the players. The Tigers never really did in-depth player development in the past. It is high time that changes.


The team traded top prospects to win division titles. That is the old way of doing business not only for the Tigers but all MLB teams. Teams have started to put a premium on prospects in order to win and stay on top longer.


That is a much more sound way of doing things.



Detroit sports: Little Caesars Arena does not take paper tickets

Embed from Getty Images Going to a sporting event has moved into a much needed upgrade. With the Detroit Pistons and Red Wings sharing the same home (for now,) paper tickets are a thing of the past.


In my younger days I was guilty of hanging onto my ticket stubs. Lions, Red Wings, Pistons, Tigers. It was an “I was there” statement of sorts. To one day look back and remember something special. I even had a ticket stub box.


Technology, seems to have won. Little Caesars Arena announced they are implementing mobile tickets only. To an older generation of fans this may seem overwhelming. To a younger generation that is phone driven it seems natural. The bottom line is getting into a game.


No more printing the tickets on the way out the door and cursing because the ink is almost dry and your not sure if they will be able to scan them at the door. Thanks to the District Detroit app allows fans to purchase tickets and display them for scanning at the door. It really is a blessing.


Just download the District Detroit app on your devise. I am torn. I grew up in an era paper tickets were the norm. Now there is a new norm. It will take some getting use to. There will be no more holding onto a stub and remembering a Miguel Cabrera home run or a Dylan Larkin goal.


Instead, I suppose I could take a screen shot of the ticket. And remember it that way. The good in all of this is no more forgetting the tickets. As most everyone carries their phone with them. The worry then would be if the phone is charged and as enough juice.


I will not be sad for the good old days when I had proof I was at a certain game. No. I will in turn embrace those times and work on getting up to date with the new ticket policies.

Detroit Tigers: preparing for next season

Embed from Getty Images With year one of the Tigers rebuild in the books. It is time to look to next season. A season Tigers fans will see flooded with more top prospects by seasons end.


With many of the organization’s top prospects graduating during the 2018 season. The rebuilding Detroit Tigers are one step closer to being a contending team once again.


With two bad seasons now behind them. The Detroit Tigers are looking at 2019 as a bridge year to a brighter future. Given the talent in the Detroit farm system that is exactly what next season will be.


It is highly likely the Tigers will not be aggressive in trades or free agent signings until after next season. Still Tigers general manager Al Avila recently said “you can’t have a lineup of .200 hitters.” So it is possible the Detroit field architect will sign a middle infielder this offseason.


The start of next season will look an awful lot this season. Up and down play. As the season moves along Tigers fans will begin to get what they have been waiting for. Fresh top talent at Comerica Park.


Some player will arrive as soon as Memorial Day. It is very likely that when the roster expands next September the kids will have taken over. Casey Mize, Beau Burrows, Franklin Perez, Matt Manning, Daz Cameron and Isaac Paredes will have punched their Detroit ticket.


That is what is needed in a rebuild. The difference is Detroit is doing it the right way. Moving prospects up the chain after they have shown they have mastered a new level.


By the time the 2020 MLB seasons rolls around the Detroit Tigers will once again be heavy favorites to win the division. It will be one of the fastest rebuild in the modern baseball era. The Tigers will be the blueprint. They took what the Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros did. Only the Tigers have done it faster.


I have seen the talent in the Detroit Tigers system and it should scare teams. They are set to be very good for a very long time.

Detroit Tigers: bringing Ron Gardenhire and his staff back

Embed from Getty Images The Detroit Tigers brought in manager Ron Gardenhire to oversee the teams rebuild. Gardenhire, is known for his work with young baseball talent. Headed into year two of the rebuild the Tigers are bringing back the entire coaching staff.


Signed to a two year contract before the start of the season Ron Gardenhire and his staff were brought in to help the first wave of the Detroit Tigers prospects and prepare them for day to day play. Something he and his staff have tackled head-on.


The Tigers players love Gardenhire. They say the clubhouse has a  close-knit chemistry. Something that has always been associated with Gardenhire. There is good reason for that. He is a players manager.


Ron and his coaching staff have been together since his days as the Minnesota Twins field boss. Players enjoy the staff’s hands on approach. He is still beloved in Minnesota to this day. He has endeared himself to the Tigers faithfuls as well.


In year two of the Detroit Tigers rebuild, another wave of prospects is expected to make the team out of spring training next season. They and the Tigers organization will lean into Gardenhire’s teachings. As many five prospects will be in Detroit before then end of next season.


Good prospects, good management and a good manager. That is where the Detroit Tigers are. Many of the franchises top prospects will begin to invade Comerica Park at some point next season.


Some will make the team. Others will get a look during the season. General manager Al Avila will count heavily on Gardenhire’s knowledge. As he will be the guy to tell them when a player is ready to make the jump from the minor’s to the majors.


When the dust settles on the Tigers rebuild. Ron Gardenhire and his staff very well could be out of the Motor City. But his finger prints will be all over the Tigers roster. For the better.

Detroit Pistons: Drummond receives green light to shoot 3 pointers

Embed from Getty Images Detroit Pistons big man Andre Drummond was given permission few big man get. Drummond’s head coach Dwane Casey wants the big man to shoot 3 pointers.


First things first, Andre Drummond will not be hanging out in three point land. His job is in the paint. As a both feared and gifted defender Drummond knows this full well. But teams will not be able to tell when he is going to pull up and fire a 3-point attempt.


In order to add to his already extensive list of offensive weapons the 3-pointer  is something he is going to add more of. Rolling to the rim, rebounds both offensive and defensive and power moves already have been established. Andre Drummond is a very good center. This will round his game further along.


At the Detroit Pistons media day, Drummond said he has never had a coach that would allow him to grow his 3-point game. Enter Dwane Casey. Fresh off NBA coach of the year. Odds are pretty good Casey knows what he is doing. It sounds like player and coach are on the same page.


It use to be Drummond would “mess around in practice with the three.” Dwane Casey said it has an upside. “It is about taking advantage of spacing. It opens doors on the court.” It seems Casey is willing to join the current league “in thing.” That is a good thing. The Pistons could be left in the dust if they do not follow along.


More and more NBA teams are encouraging their big men to shoot. It seems both Casey and Andre are thinking in 74 3-point shots are taken during the season Drummond could make 40.5 percent of those shots.


It is another way to both get the Pistons down in the defensive end quicker as well as create space for offensive rebounds and put ins. This is a way the Detroit Pistons can generate more offensive points.