Would Steve Yzerman work for Chris Ilitch?

Embed from Getty Images Rumors among Detroit Red Wing faithful is Red Wings legend, Steve Yzerman would not work with hands on owner Chris Ilitch. But is that true? Lets take a closer look.

Steve Yzerman 20 year captain on the Detroit Red Wings. He came to Detroit when they were still known as the “Dead Wings.” He left a legend and hall of famer.

Chris Ilitch son of Detroit lover and beloved owner of the Detroit Tigers and Red Wings Mike Ilitch. When the elder Mr. Ilitch (Mr. I) passed away last year Chris took over full time duties on Ilitch inc. including ownership of both MLB and NHL teams.

Last season saw the closing of Joe Louis Arena. “The Joe” as it is often referred to by Detroiters. A glorious arena in it’s day to be certain. That saw many Stanley Cup champions.

So where did the Yzerman, Ilitch rumor come from? Steve, is currently the general manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning and his contract is almost up. He has shrugged off future pans with simple “I’m the g.m. in Tampa Bay right now.”

The closing of Joe Louis saw Red Wings legends come on the ice after the game where Red Wing fanatics let their choice be known 

I feel that Yzerman would indeed go back to Detroit and would not be shocked to see it happen.



Detroit Tigers enough already

Fans need to embrace reality. The Detroit Tigers are going to be bad for a few years. There is no bandage the deep cuts of years big spending.

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I’ve read a few articles about what it would take for the Detroit Tigers to finish .500. What?! This team is not going to sniff .500. They are not in position for that. Let’s just get that out of the way now.
This is a Chicago Cubs, Houston Astros, Philadelphia Phillies sized rebuild. 100
loss seasons for 3-5 years. Part because they will be that bad and part because tanking gets you back to winning quicker. Also the fact that more minor league talent is needed.
But, for people to even remotely think .500 is possible I guess I’ll be the voice of reason. Not trying to ruffle feathers. Just giving it bluntly. It simply won’t happen anytime real soon. But, the team has made the right call in developing players in the minor league system.
It’s to be expected. Years of big spending, big free agents and years of winning have come to a grinding halt. Now comes the aftermath. It’s part disappointing and exciting. Frustrating days certainly lie ahead. That is to be expected in a rebuild of any sport.
But so does the promise of returning to competitive baseball. So no .500 seasons for a while. Enjoy the kids as they get called up. Focus on them. It will make things a little easier to swallow. It will also give fans a reason to go visit minor league ballparks and see a Beau Burrows or Matt Manning. To see what gives the Tigers hope.
There is no doom and gloom for those who love the game. It’s still baseball. Fans should take pride in the fact the Detroit Tigers are doing things better than they have in a long time.

Detroit Red Wings in a bad season youth is being served

Embed from Getty Images Dylan Larkin, Anthony Mantha, Evgeny Svechnikov. Detroit Red Wings fans need to commit these names to memory. They are 3 of the building blocks to the next Red Wings next great team.
In the middle of a rebuild that has netted more and more losses 35 to be exact. Hasn’t left a lot for fans to cheer about. But let’s focus on the future. It’s looking a little less cloudy.
A future that fans can see young center Dylan Larkin wearing the captain’s “C.” His growth as the man in the middle has been eye opening. Along with Anthony Mantha gives the Red Wings the making of have a nasty young line.
And young Evgeny Svechnikov. The Red Wings have handled this pure goal scorer with kid gloves. Recently they have removed them and let him go. I look forward to seeing him grow more as a player.
The Red Wings have 2 first round draft picks in the 2018 NHL draft. They also have 2 second round picks and have amassed 5 that’s right 5 third round draft picks.
This is a great year to have a plethora of draft picks as this is widely considered to be the best group of prospects is the last 15 years. That will help the franchise moving forward.
The Red Wings need to focus on two positions. Left wing and first line defensemen. Names to watch are Brady Tkachuk LW Boston University. His game is being compared to the great Brett Hull.
And defenseman Quinton Hughes from the University of Michigan. He is sure to take his place in a long list of Michigan Wolverine defensemen like Jack Johnson, Zach Werenski, and Jacob Trouba.
The Red Wings will be able to speed up they’re rebuild in this years draft. I for one will be keeping close tabes on Larkin, Mantha & Svechnikov the rest of this season.

Detroit Tigers: made the correct call

As the Detroit Tigers prepare for what looks like will be a very long Summer amidst the infant stage of a rebuild. General manager Al Avila made the correct call by beginning to assign the teams to prospects to minor league affiliates.

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2017 top pick Alex Faedo will begin the season and his professional career in Lakeland Florida, with the Flying Tigers. Not in Grand Rapids,with the Whitecaps as some had thought.
Other top prospects Beau Burrows, Christian Stewart, Dwell Lugo, will start the season in Erie PA, with the Seawolves. Though many, my self included expect Burrows to get a start or two in Detroit at some point this season.
As this is published. We are still waiting on word where other top prospects such as Matt Manning and Issac Paredes will land. With the end of an era of Detroit Tigers baseball. I’m looking forward to another chapter in the storied franchise.
No prospect of a bad two or three years can scare me from following this team begin to find they’re stride again.
My focus is going to be on the tomorrow. The yesterday’s are gone. So it will be a Spring, Summer of prospect watching. But, it’s baseball. Glorious baseball.

Detroit Red Wings: Houston we have a problem

Embed from Getty Images While the Detroit Red Wings have entered a painstaking rebuild. While Wings general manager, Ken Holland has amassed draft picks and shed salaries.

Red Wings notorious for making prospects not named Dylan Larkin play 3 full seasons in the lower levels in order to develop them. There is help on the way. I fully expect Dennis Cholowski to develop into a top 4 pairing defenseman. And a couple others.
But, for me the problem is not with the lower level prospects. It’s with the Detroit Red Wings themselves. In particular head coach Jeff Blashill. He is not leading the young players on the important things. Instead he calls them out to the media. That is no way for a coach to keep a peaceful locker room.
The young Red Wings are not grasping and growing how to play and win. Last week Wings captain Henrik Zetterberg voiced his frustration with young players but was wise to not call the coach out.  Perhaps, Zetterberg should have given a slight nod Blashill’s way.
The Red Wings, will most likely have a new general manager after the season. In a rebuild where teaching young players is of utmost importance it is clear the Red Wings need a new face on the bench. Jeff Blashill must be replaced.
Even if the unthinkable happens and Ken Holland is brought back. It would be best if the Wings went in a new direction entirely. Fans want to see it happen.  We will soon find out if the rest of the front office feels the same way.

Ken Holland’s last stand

Embed from Getty Images His time in Detroit with the Red Wings appears to be running out. Last Saturday his boss and Red Wings and Detroit Tigers owner, Chris Ilitch chose not to give him a vote of confidence while taking in a Tigers spring training game.

However, working to what again appears to be the end Holland pulled off a trade last week and as it stands right now the Red Wings have 13 draft picks in the first 3 rounds of the 2018 NHL draft.
Trading Tomas Tatar to the Vegas Golden Knights for a first, second & third round pick reminded Red Wings fans that despite being on thin ice with fans and team management Holland is still more than capable of improving the teams future.
In a year where there is fantastic talent this is a great year to amass draft picks.
The Red Wings rebuild is in full swing. Suddenly it’s much easier to stomach. The Red Wings will be back to their winning ways soon.

The Detroit Red Wings: The only trade fans want

As the clock ticks on the 2018 NHL trade deadline names familiar to Red Wings nation are being tossed out as trade bait. Tatar, Nyquist, Green and a few others could most likely will be moved.

There is really truly only one trade Red Wings fans want. Ken Holland in exchange for Steve Yzerman. It’s not as unrealistic as it seems.
Last years closing of Joe Louis Arena, brought “come home Stevie” chants from the sellout crowd.  As Red Wings legends lined the fabled arena. There is no way that went unnoticed by Detroit Red Wings and Tigers owner Chris Ilitch.
Yzerman has proven in his time as Tampa Bay Lightning general manager he can build a winner and has a great eye for talent. We can only imagine what Ken Holland, was thinking and feeling as the Joe crowd chanted the guy they view as the savior.
There have been whispers if the Lightning get to the conference finals or skate for the Stanley Cup, Yzerman could make his exit and come back to the city he played in for 20 years. Not to mention a fan base who would greet him with open arms.
Will Chris Ilitch who is a hands on owner be willing to take a step back and allow Yzerman the room to run and improve the Wings? I believe he would. He’s a very smart person and knows like his father before him how to give the fans what they want.
I think if offered the job Yzerman would not think twice as he still live in Michigan during the offseason.

Detroit rebuilds in full swing

Let’s do this Detroit!!

With the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Red Wings pawning off players while bringing in marginal players but stocking up draft picks the rebuild is in full swing for these beloved franchises.
Both teams have ample minor league players that can play. I’m the Detroit Red Wings case should play.
The Red Wings who before another trade is made has stock piled nine draft picks in the first three rounds of the 2018 amateur draft. That will help speed things up. Mind you that number is expected to increase to fifteen picks including three picks in the first round.
The Tigers are getting a good close up look at the future during spring training. I don’t think this season will be all doom and gloom as predicted. 72 to 74 wins seems about right. But help is on the way and big time.
Let’s enjoy this rebuild and perhaps pray everything turns out to the teams.

Tigers rebuild is in gear what to watch for this spring

It’s like a broken record. The Detroit Tigers are in a full blown, time needed (aka trust the process) rebuild. As pitchers and catcher report here’s a list of what I’m looking for this spring:
  1. The kids are coming, The Tigers have invited some of their promising prospects to spring training. I can’t wait to see the young pitchers display their stuff that has the Tigers pitching prospects ranked #2 in all of baseball.
  2. Can Castellanos handle the full time move to right field? He’s a big bat big r.b.i producer. But, it won’t matter if he can’t handle the position day in and day out.
  3. Is Christian Stewart destined for DH? Like Castellanos he’s a big bat run producer. But if he can’t field in what most feel will be in Toledo with the Mud Hens it will feel like a wasted draft pick.
  4. New coaching staff is going to have to work magic to blend raw young players with vets who are stuck because of bad contracts. Not necessarily a bad thing. The vets will give the likes of Issac Parades time to settle in as he develops.
  5. The fans need to understand what lies ahead is better than what’s in front of them right now. That’s the fun part for me. Big picture thinking is your friend


Detroit Red Wings trade season

It’s here! Finally! The days leading up to a path to a brighter tomorrow for the Red Wings. 2018 NHL trade season.

I full expect Mike Greene, Gus Nyquist, Tomas Tatar, and even Andras Athanasiou to be dealt. It’s also a good possibility Petr Mrazek will go as well. The return will be too much for Ken Holland to turn down.

The Red Wings, already have 9 picks in the first 3 rounds of the 2018 NHL draft. They can add to the number easily. In a year that has one of the best and deepest drafts in a long time.

Mike Greene, will bring in a first rounder. As will Anthanasiou should the Wings choose to move him. Packaged together Tatar & Nyquist would bring in a first plus a prospect.

The Red Wings, should sell. Often and really improve a nice young core of players who will be the Red Wings next wave of playoff contenders. Dylan Larkin is proving himself worthy of a player to build around.

It’s the end of an era. It’s the beginning of an era. I for one am a sucker for how teams are built. The day to day growth and set backs to eventual playoff team.

Bring it on!!