The Detroit Tigers are entering the next phase of the rebuild stage

Embed from Getty Images Detroit Tigers general manager Al Avila Monday night gave his his mission for the offseason, essentially saying the teardown is complete. It was a roster deconstruction that lasted three years. Speaking at the MLB winter meetings Avila revealed what fans have been asking for and Detroit media wondered about.

“The mindset here is to move forward and build back up,”  Avila said in front of the media, after he had finished the first day of activity at the Winter Meetings. “We’ve made a lot of trades. We’ve traded everyone we needed to trade and we’re at the point where this team is very young and we need to build it back up.”

Al Avila said he and his staff are looking to add a veteran catcher, first baseman, corner outfielder, starting pitcher and possibly a middle infielder before spring training begins in February. One difference, they will be looking for middle tier players and not bottom feeders to fill out the roster.

Avila continued, “The biggest concern when you bring in veteran free agents is taking away time from your prospects,”But the situation here now is we can add free agents as needed and maybe create competition for young guys.”

The Detroit Tigers are looking to make the team better for 2020. The Tigers have top prospects knocking at the major league door. There is a decent chance Tigers top pitching prospects Casey Mize, Matt Manning and 3B/SS Isaac Paredes could all end up in Motown next summer at some point, as the trio’s development is ahead of others in the Detroit minor league system.

While it will be another long summer at Comerica Park, the light at the end of the rebuild tunnel is in sight. After the 2020 MLB season the Tigers will have over $150 million come off the books, from years of making championship runs.

In my opinion that is when Detroit will begin in earnest to go after big name free agents. Coupled with the fact the Tigers other prized prospects will be ready for The Show.

Assuming Detroit’s prospects and free agent signings are not complete busts, 2022 is the year that Detroit will likely start looking somewhat competitive again.

Detroit Tigers are willing to trade pitching for hitters

Embed from Getty Images This week the MLB trade deadline came and went. The Detroit Tigers made a pair of trades that saw the organization add three pitchers and one outfielder. Fans were upset, in the pitching talented Tigers minor leagues it did not seem more pitchers should be added. Detroit general manager Al Avila has a plan.

The Detroit Tigers minor league pitching is currently ranked #1 overall. The team has identified the eight to ten pitchers they will not trade no matter the offer. Detroit Tigers general manager said “we are now willing to trade pitching for bats.”

The list of names the Tigers will not trade appear to be: Casey Mize, Matt Manning, Tarik Skubal, Franklin Perez, Alex Faedo, Beau Burrows, Bryan Garcia and Kyle Funkhouser. The other pitchers are already in high demand. Avila is already said to be fielding calls.

The Tigers do have some really nice position players in the minors. Still more big bats are needed.With a future outfield of Parker Meadows, Daz Cameron and Riley Greene the outfield is in good shape. The Tigers could use another outfielder with projectable offensive tools.

While the future infield could use a couple projectable bats. Short stop Isaac Paredes and catcher Jake Rogers (called up this week) have legit power that is about it. So the infield needs offensive players to balance the batting lineup.

With Joey Wentz, Paul Richan and Alex Lange coming to Detroit through trades it gives Al Avila even more leverage to make trades and get bats. If reports are correct and the team is already getting calls things could begin to speed the rebuild up more.

Every baseball team understand you can not have enough pitching in your system. The Tigers have plenty, what is more than that they have an abundance of quality pitching which will do nothing but keep the phones ringing.

The Detroit Tigers are in a very good position. The long rebuild has some players who are helping to shine a light of what will be. MLB teams already acknowledge they understand what Detroit has on the way.

The Detroit Tigers are open for trades, they will soon have teams lining up.

The Detroit Tigers sign general manager Al Avila to an extension

Embed from Getty Images In perhaps the bottoming out season of a rebuild, and in a season in which wins have been mission impossible, the Detroit Tigers gave a new contract to general manager Al Avila. Needless to say reaction has been mixed around the Motor City.

Deep into a rebuilding hole in which there is no turning around, Al Avila signed a new deal. The deal is one that team president and CEO Christopher Ilitch had presented to him this spring.

Al Avila is currently in his fourth season as the main architect of Tigers baseball. When he took over in August of 2016, the Tigers were an old ball team with a very bad minor league farm system. The rebuild was well overdue.

Through trades and good drafting the Detroit Tigers now have a top 10 minor league, and in a relatively short amount of time. That is the good news. Avila has made some questionable choices in free agency. Some have hurt the team by being unable to flip those free agents for prospects because of poor performances.

“We are right in the middle of it,” Avila said of the Detroit rebuild. “It’s a tough time. You start it, you start moving along, there’s a fast pace to it and at the end, when really, quite frankly, you start seeing it come together and then you can see the light.”

The stockpile of prospects alone does not guarantee success. Yet, teams that are winning now after a prolonged rebuild understand the value of collecting young talent. If a team collects enough good talent, the odds are good they will find a few players to build around.

The real reason Christopher Ilitch gave an extension to the Tigers general manager is it would be pointless to switch in the middle of a rebuild. Avila should be able to see it through. Now he gets his chance.

Unhappy fans need to understand the Detroit Tigers underwent into a full-scale rebuild. This is what it looks like. Fans also need to understand the Tigers have amassed some very good prospects under Avila’s watch. Other top baseball executives have commented on what the Tigers have in their minor leagues. Some have even asked for a trade or two.

There has been enough progress made that it warranted the extension. Now armed with three players (Shane Greene, Matthew Boyd and Nicholas Castellanos) being made available for the trade deadline. Al Avila and the Detroit Tigers could get a very nice haul of prospects.

Detroit Tigers rebuild rolling forward

Embed from Getty Images “I’m saying, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel,” Detroit Tigers general manager Al Avila said. This season will be different in Detroit. Yes, there will be plenty on losses. But there will also be anticipation as Tigers top prospects continue to grow.

The Detroit Tigers are coming off back-to-back 98-loss seasons,  the third-worst two-year stretch in the franchise’s 118-year history. Under Avila’s watch   the Tigers have quietly built a farm system on the rise. He has not shy sharing the rebuild process with fans and media.

In fact the Tigers are currently in MLB Pipeline’s Top 10 rankings . The crown jewel being Tigers pitching prospects. Some like Spencer Turnbull and Kyle Funkhouser should arrive at Comerica Park this summer.

Tigers farm director Dave Owen, who has been with the organization since 2011, concurs that the system is stronger than it has been in years. “We’re getting there. The pitching is maybe a little ahead at this point, but we’re making progress with position players, too. We’re getting guys who will be able to contribute.” Detroit is expecting contributions soon.

Al Avila as mentioned “We’ve got guys who already either here or knocking on the door here and you have guys coming, who are not too far away — pitching wise.” Another good sign.

As players continue to develop this season, there is now a finish line. “Where we don’t have young guys ready, we went out and got veterans to plug in for now,” Avila said. “Now, we are looking at Isaac Paredes, Daz Cameron, Jake Rogers, those guys are, right now, the next wave. Is it going to be at the end of this year, 2020 or ’21? I can’t tell you. But they are right there.”

With  eyes on the minor leagues, This will be one of the last summers of waiting.