Detroit Tigers: when should a prospect be called up

Embed from Getty Images With many of the organization’s top prospects thriving in the minor leagues. Detroit Tiger, fans are wondering when they will be called up.

A prospect is inserted because they can help the parent team. Or they are ready. A prospect should never be called up if a team is struggling. There is a bigger picture to take into consideration.

Players need to develop. There is so much for them to learn. Rushing a prospect can spell disaster for the player and set the team back further. Because Detroit is in a rebuild and will not contend for a few seasons it is best to let the kids play and grow.

Certainly, a player or pitcher can get a spot start here or there. That is nothing more than to see how far they have come and what work still needs to be put in.

My advice is to enjoy the Detroit Tigers and the minor league teams this season. Do not wish the season away. The process is long the reward is great. That needs to be the focus.

No band aids to help a struggling team. That solves nothing. I do not remember a struggling team call up a player and then go on a winning streak.