Breaking news, Detroit Red Wings Niklas Kronwall announces his retirement

Embed from Getty Images Drafted by the Detroit Red Wings in the 2000 NHL entry draft, Niklas Kronwall was a Red Wing lifer, playing his entire 953 game NHL career with the Winged Wheels. He ranks 10th all-time in games played for the franchise. He played along side many greats, including the likes of Steve Yzerman, Niklas Lidstrom, Pavel Datsyuk, and Henrik Zetterberg, on his path to being part of Red Wings lore forever.

Age and bad knees have caught up with Detroit Red Wings Nik Kronwall. Kronwall will be remembered for his on and off ice leadership, dangerously raised visor, and of course, his major open ice hits near side the boards which fans dubbed “getting Kron-WALLED!”

Niklas Kronwall is not going away all together, he will remain with the Red Wings organization as an “Adviser to the General Manager.” During his playing career, Kronwall may not have worn the “C” on his sweater but he sure acted like the team leader. He was a warrior, who battled through constant knee pain.

Steve Yzerman,  gave Kronwall the entire summer to consider whether to retire or return. Kronwall sounded conflicted as the 2018-19 season came to a close.

Kronwall who wore  No. 55 gained notoriety as one of hockey’s most efficient  and clean  body checkers, and most feared hitters in the NHL. When he announced his retirement Niklas Kronwall said his best memory as a Red Wing was when the team won the Stanley Cup in 2008.

He then stated about the current Red Wings rebuild, “We’re gonna get back there,” he said,  “I just won’t be a player when it happens next time.”

From Detroit Red Wings fans everywhere, Thank you Nik!

In order to prolong his career the Detroit Tigers should move Miguel Cabrera to full time D.H.

Embed from Getty Images It happens to the best of them. Age catches up with all of us. That is the case with Detroit Tigers first basemen Miguel Cabrera.  Cabrera, already a first ballot Hall of Fame caliber player who has made life rough for MLB pitchers.

A groin tear, two herniated disks in his back in 2017, a cracked foot  in 2014 and a ruptured bicep last season is proof that father time has caught the elite slugger. For his sake he needs to put his glove away.

Cabrera, has played around 2,265 games in his 16 year career. In order for the rebuilding Tigers to keep his batting average, R.B.I.’s and home runs in the lineup The move to full time designated hitter should be made this season.

Word is general manager Al Avila, and Tiger manager Ron  Gardenhire have approached Miguel about spending “more time at D.H.” For a player who prides himself on his defense. He gets a rather large paycheck for his offense.

For the first time in his career  Miguel Cabrera is open to the switch. Perhaps a silent acknowledgment that time has caught up. Perhaps, he understands his value is with a bat in his hands. Showing the young Tiger players how to go about at bats.

One problem is it would leave a HUGE hole at 1B. Unless the Tigers place John Hicks or move Jeimer Candelario from 3B to 1B. One other option would be to see if Nick Castellanos could field the position. Castellanos is playing on a one year deal and is the focus of trade rumors.

It is never easy, never fun to watch a star enter the twilight of their playing days. But if there is a way to ease a player into it those steps should be taken. Cabrera can still help the team. That needs to be the focus.