Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores speaks about the direction of the franchise

Embed from Getty Images At 21-28 the Detroit Pistons season has been rough. There is talent on the roster. Team chemistry seems to be an issue. With only Blake Griffin playing consistent basketball, Owner Tom Gores finally spoke.


“We have to look at all possibilities — that’s just the way it is. Not specifically with those guys, but in general,” Gores said. “Our responsibility, in general, is to move this team forward; we have to look at everything.’


Gores also insisted he has not lost faith in the team. But he also acknowledged The team may need to make changes as the NBA trade deadline is approaching. Leaving fans to scratch their heads. If Gores still has faith why make moves?


“We want to win. Nothing’s changed; we want to make the playoffs,” Gores said. Another off the cuff comment. His team is under .500 and he is still talking playoffs? How about the team gets to .500 first? Set small goals first.


The Detroit Pistons are currently in a  8-21 stretch. Needless to say that is just about abysmal. Gores was asked if he would be willing to trade Andre Drummond and or Reggie Bullocks. His response was they will   “look at all possibilities.” Which is a bit surprising as for years the Pistons have tried to put players around the talented Drummond.


Clearly Tom Gores has not given permission for the team to tank for a high draft pick. He feels the Pistons window is now. In some aspects that is that is well and good. In some aspects that is somewhat delusional. In order for the Pistons to have any shot of the playoffs the roster needs to be overhauled.


Fan favorites need to be shipped out. It is nothing personal. It simply is not and has not worked. On paper the 2018-19 Detroit Pistons looked and still look like they are a playoff team. But team chemistry is everything in sports. The Pistons have a severe lack of chemistry and it is showing on the court and in games.


The blame is equal. Head and assistant coaches, players something is not working. It is time for the Detroit Pistons to take an honest look at themselves and figure things out.

Detroit Red Wings Anthony Mantha finds consistency

Embed from Getty Images He drove his coach crazy. He drove fans crazy. It probably safe to say he drove his general manager (Ken Holland) crazy. Anthony Mantha lacked consistency and I dare say confidence last season.

Scoring 17 goals, yet missing so many opportunities for more goals. He also had big lapses in his defensive game and was benched at least two different times during the season.
This season has seen Mantha, more focused and more mature. Standing with 24 goals is nice. But, there is more. Anthony has greatly improved his passing and his defense has been stellar.
I do not believe it is a coincidence that young center Dylan Larkin has found his game and taken to playing center and suddenly Anthony Mantha has found his game.
Mantha and Larkin. Larkin and Mantha. They form a really good duo on Detroit’s second line. They will be on the first line down the road.
They have great chemistry together and give the Detroit Red Wings a bright future as two staples in the Wings rebuild. It will be a lot of fun watching these two grow and continue to get better and better.
This years NHL draft is one of the best in recent years will help Detroit speed up the rebuild.