Star Wars: and the power of costume

Embed from Getty Images Being a lifelong unapologetic Star Wars fan. I took some time and headed to Detroit and visit the power of costume exhibit at the Detroit institute of art.

It was a day trip. But, not just any mind you. Since I was a kid just the excitement of anything Star Wars, was an adrenaline rush greater than any caffeine rush.

Hopped in the SUV and made the three plus hour trek to my favorite city. It did not disappoint! Not for Star Wars, fandom reasons mind you. It did not disappoint because it was a well put together exhibit.

From the Prequel trilogy, up to Episode VII “The Force Awakens.” The Costumes from the original trilogy were simple. It was layered fabrics. Simple and it did not take away from the all important character introduction of Star Wars “A new hope.”

I must say seeing Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Jedi robe from 1977 and Luke Skywalker’s outfit from 1983’s “Return of the Jedi” were great. My personal favorite was the Tusken Raider. The detail was fantastic!

The prequel trilogy, saw much more complex costumes as many characters had been established already. I must say the inner bounty hunter in me loved Jango Fett’s, Mandalorian aromor.

My two favorite exhibit displays (in no certain order) were the evolution of the Stormtroopers. And the Tie pilots. But Darth Vader, stops people in their tracks. His mask from “Revenge of the Sith” is way cool. As is the full Vader costume from “Return of the Jedi.’

Also, seeing C3PO, R2D2, and BB8 is all their glory was a fun moment. A lot of people seemed to enjoy the droids.

It is a fantastic event. It is well worth the drive. Not to mention Detroit’s Greek food is out of this world. It has a great family feel. The rest of the art museum is well worth checking out before or after depending the tour time.

Take time and go to that galaxy far, far away.