Detroit Tigers: prospect profile Alex Faedo

Embed from Getty Images He was drafted out of the University of Florida last season by the Detroit Tigers. For good reason. Alex Faedo, can be an above average starter or a flat out nasty closer.

First let me get this out of the way. The Detroit Tigers, have a pitching surplus. They are developing them the right way. When the smoke clears and the rebuild is complete. The Detroit pitching staff will rival the early 1990 Atlanta Braves pitching.
Alex Faedo, will be one of the guys who will be counted on heavily. For good reason. He is electric. He stands 6’ 5” and is a four pitch athlete. He touches 95-96 mph with his fastball. Alex’s slider comes in at 87 mph while his change up has been clocked at 81 mph.
He is currently In Lakeland Florida with the Flying Tigers, working on developing a curveball. The Tigers are excited that he can be a very solid second starter in the rotation or be a closer. He offers something no other Detroit pitching prospect offers, flexibility.
Whichever they elect to use him he will excel. He does an excellent job at keeping walks to a minimum. Alex Faedo, is a strikeout machine. He has very good command of the strike zone and should not need much priming in the minors.
One thing he does need to cut down on at times he tends to fall off his delivery which cause the baseball to miss low. Something I’m sure they will help him brush up on in the minors.
Faedo, is a big piece of the rebuild going on in Motown. Before long he will be a fan favorite. I for one am looking forward to seeing Alex Faedo in action at Comerica Park.

Detroit Tigers in Gardenhire we trust

Embed from Getty Images The Detroit Tigers rebuild is under way. Young players are in the lineup and others will be called up from the minor leagues throughout the season. General manager Al Avila, tabbed Ron Gardenhire as manager to over see the project.

Ron Gardenhire, a baseball lifer who has been there and done that. He is well respected around the league and all of his former players have nothing but glowing words and love for him. Given his work with young players it was a great hire by the Detroit Tigers.

There are plenty of young prospects in the Tigers system who will soon by the Motown. Under Gardenhire’s watch they will be ready for the daily challenges that each day presents. Former Detroit skipper Brad Ausmus seemed lost at times and unprepared other times.

Gardenhire, is a notorious stickler for doing things the right way and honoring the game of baseball and it’s history. He has gone on record as saying “we may or may not win a lot of games. But, I’ll tell you this we will be prepared.”

That is very good to hear. I feel the Detroit Pitching prospects will shine when they get to Comerica Park. Because Gardenhire will have it no other way. That should make Tigers fans happy. It is yet another reason to follow the team during this learning period known as a rebuild.

Embed from Getty Images Yes, Beau Burrows, is among my favorite Detroit Tigers prospect. I firmly believe he will be given a start or two in Motown this season. Given his quick uprise through the Tigers minor leagues.


The Erie Seawolves, kicked off they’re season yesterday and Burrows, took the mound. He picked up right where he left off last season. In short Burrows, was in complete control. He is one reason the pitching talent pool in Detroit is so deep.


In 5 innings of work he surrendered 1 hit, 2 walks along with 6 strikeouts. His fastball touched 96 mph. He had full command of both his pitches and the trike zone. For his first start of the season, 5 innings of locked in pitching more inning were not needed. So it was wise to save them for another day and another start.


Something he improved on last season. He went into the 2018 season rated as the Detroit Tigers, fourth best prospect. In my unprofessional opinion I had him as the third best. He may have the best fastball in the Detroit system. He spots it very well.


At any rate Beau Burrows, has shot through the Tigers system and is developing into a top 3 pitcher. The final piece is for Burrows, to carry his production to triple A. Which is coming sooner than later. It is just a matter of time before Detroit wants to see one of the franchises top pitching gems in action. The will come at some point this season.


Detroit Tigers prospect Gregory Soto

Embed from Getty Images The rebuilding Tigers have a late bloomer and he just so happens to be a left hander. Did I mention he is also a power pitcher?

Gregory Soto, his fastball touches 95 mph and has incredible movement on it. It almost acts like a slide. Soto, also throws a slider. He is a big power arm.
The Detroit Tigers have long coveted big thick bodied power arms in the organization. Soto fits that bill. He was signed as and 18 year old and had a rough start leading many to believe he would eventually wind up in the bullpen.
Alas last season Soto put it all together in Grand Rapids, with the West Michigan Whitecaps. Gregory finished the season 10-1 with a 2.25 era. He needs to cut back on the walls. But he is making good progress.
It is easy to see Gregory Soto as part of the future Detroit Tigers pitching staff. With all the right handed power pitchers the organization has Soto is a good asset to have. As left handed power pitcher are hard to come by.
I am very excited to see how he preforms and progresses this season. I am hoping he takes another step forward. The Detroit Tigers are as well.

Detroit Tigers: keep an eye on Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores

When Chris Ilitch took over as owner of the Detroit Tigers he said he was not going to sell the team. Stating his love for baseball. Times and circumstances change.

Tom Gores billionaire owner of the Detroit Pistons had struck a deal with Chris Ilitch and the Pistons play at Little Caesar’s Arena. It may not seem anything but two men striking a business deal.
There are now loud whispers Ilitch would like to sell the Detroit Tigers. The two Detroit area businessmen met at least two times last summer at Comerica Park no less.
Gores has even used language referring to the Tigers as “a beloved franchise.” He is said to be more than interested. Further more, Ilich is said to be waiting for an offer from Gores.
Chris Ilitch has no intentions of selling the Detroit Red Wings as they were his fathers pride and joy. Not to mention the family would like to hold onto the team that plays in an arena build by Iltich inc.
The city of Detroit and Tigers fans all over will be paying attention to see if and how this unfolds. Only the two businessmen know if there was any deal involving Little Caesar’s Arena, the Pistons, and the Tigers that may shape any future purchasing of the team.

Detroit Tigers to be clear

Embed from Getty Images This season is going to be horrible. There is absolutely no hiding that fact. It is not about winning. It’s not even about following your favorite player. It will simply be about Detroit Tigers baseball.

In a painstaking full blown rebuild there are no sunny days. It’s like being boarded up in a box. With no light to see.

This is what fans must have in mind. There is minor league talent. That is still years away from seeing Comerica Park. Who knows if some of those guys will actually spend a summer in Detroit?

That’s what a total and complete rebuild looks like. There was a time Chicago Cubs, fans knew that unhappy time. Houston Astro, fans also felt the sharp sting of the rebuild process. They now share in being the last two World Series winners.

Statistics, show us losing a lot helps speeds rebuilding up. It also shows us that ticket sales will come to a grinding stop. The ballpark will look huge when the crowds are sparse.

I’m not a doom and gloom person. In fact quite the opposite. But there are inescapable facts that can not and should not be ignored. The most hard core fan would agree.

While opening day is generally a happy day. There will be a somber feel in Motown that day. While the promise of a better tomorrow is coming. It must get dark first.

Detroit Tigers spring training complete, long season ahead

Embed from Getty Images Commence project rebuild. That should be the 2018 Detroit Tigers theme this season. For good reason 100+ losses are going to be the flavor.

Comerica Park is nowhere near a sell out for what is usually a big day in Detroit. Opening day. I’m not entirely sure why? Yes the Tigers starting pitching is thin. Perhaps razor thin. But, I’m actually interested to see the bullpen.
The batting lineup has some good hitter littered in it. After all Miguel Cabrera, Nicholas Castellanos are still dangerous. Even thought to be washed up Victor Martinez has knocked the ball all over in spring training.
Yes, they are going to be bad. There is no way to sugar coat it. But, they need to make it through this season and then next spring training start inserting the kids (top prospects) into the starting pitching rotation and batting lineup.
Next years team will look much different than the one they are breaking camp with. Christian Stewart, Isaac Paredes, Beau Burrows and others will be placed in the Motor City.
My feeling on all of this is lose. Lose big, lose small, lose a lot. Win soon. I’m focused on the fact the Detroit Tigers are setting themselves up to win for a while with home grown talent.
That is a much more sustainable approach rather than going and spending on high priced free agents. Even the New York Yankees who are notorious big spenders have switched to winning with your own.
I’m very interested and very excited to see where this goes. Forgoing the pain that is sure to come this season. With  brighter ahead.

Detroit Tigers enough already

Fans need to embrace reality. The Detroit Tigers are going to be bad for a few years. There is no bandage the deep cuts of years big spending.

Embed from Getty Images

I’ve read a few articles about what it would take for the Detroit Tigers to finish .500. What?! This team is not going to sniff .500. They are not in position for that. Let’s just get that out of the way now.
This is a Chicago Cubs, Houston Astros, Philadelphia Phillies sized rebuild. 100
loss seasons for 3-5 years. Part because they will be that bad and part because tanking gets you back to winning quicker. Also the fact that more minor league talent is needed.
But, for people to even remotely think .500 is possible I guess I’ll be the voice of reason. Not trying to ruffle feathers. Just giving it bluntly. It simply won’t happen anytime real soon. But, the team has made the right call in developing players in the minor league system.
It’s to be expected. Years of big spending, big free agents and years of winning have come to a grinding halt. Now comes the aftermath. It’s part disappointing and exciting. Frustrating days certainly lie ahead. That is to be expected in a rebuild of any sport.
But so does the promise of returning to competitive baseball. So no .500 seasons for a while. Enjoy the kids as they get called up. Focus on them. It will make things a little easier to swallow. It will also give fans a reason to go visit minor league ballparks and see a Beau Burrows or Matt Manning. To see what gives the Tigers hope.
There is no doom and gloom for those who love the game. It’s still baseball. Fans should take pride in the fact the Detroit Tigers are doing things better than they have in a long time.

Detroit Tigers: made the correct call

As the Detroit Tigers prepare for what looks like will be a very long Summer amidst the infant stage of a rebuild. General manager Al Avila made the correct call by beginning to assign the teams to prospects to minor league affiliates.

Embed from Getty Images
2017 top pick Alex Faedo will begin the season and his professional career in Lakeland Florida, with the Flying Tigers. Not in Grand Rapids,with the Whitecaps as some had thought.
Other top prospects Beau Burrows, Christian Stewart, Dwell Lugo, will start the season in Erie PA, with the Seawolves. Though many, my self included expect Burrows to get a start or two in Detroit at some point this season.
As this is published. We are still waiting on word where other top prospects such as Matt Manning and Issac Paredes will land. With the end of an era of Detroit Tigers baseball. I’m looking forward to another chapter in the storied franchise.
No prospect of a bad two or three years can scare me from following this team begin to find they’re stride again.
My focus is going to be on the tomorrow. The yesterday’s are gone. So it will be a Spring, Summer of prospect watching. But, it’s baseball. Glorious baseball.