Detroit Tigers to be clear

Embed from Getty Images This season is going to be horrible. There is absolutely no hiding that fact. It is not about winning. It’s not even about following your favorite player. It will simply be about Detroit Tigers baseball.

In a painstaking full blown rebuild there are no sunny days. It’s like being boarded up in a box. With no light to see.

This is what fans must have in mind. There is minor league talent. That is still years away from seeing Comerica Park. Who knows if some of those guys will actually spend a summer in Detroit?

That’s what a total and complete rebuild looks like. There was a time Chicago Cubs, fans knew that unhappy time. Houston Astro, fans also felt the sharp sting of the rebuild process. They now share in being the last two World Series winners.

Statistics, show us losing a lot helps speeds rebuilding up. It also shows us that ticket sales will come to a grinding stop. The ballpark will look huge when the crowds are sparse.

I’m not a doom and gloom person. In fact quite the opposite. But there are inescapable facts that can not and should not be ignored. The most hard core fan would agree.

While opening day is generally a happy day. There will be a somber feel in Motown that day. While the promise of a better tomorrow is coming. It must get dark first.