Detroit Tigers: why wins/losses don’t matter for pitching prospects

Embed from Getty Images To most fans players, pitchers to be exact are judged on wins and losses. However, when gauging a pitching prospect that all needs to be thrown out the door. Here’s why.

This is what Detroit Tigers and other teams need from pitching prospects.

When grading a pitcher there are certain things to watch for. 90 mph is the cutoff. If a pitcher can hit that consistently he grades high. In today’s MLB  pitchers must bring the heat.

Command is the next most important item. Can the prospect hit his spots. If he does then he will shoot through a minor league system. If not he must develop command.

Mechanics arm position/slot must be good to avoid any injury. Lower body control and mechanics go a long way in letting a team know how good a picher will be.

Competitiveness is a must. No matter if the pitcher is on or struggling during a start. How they focus is key. It is best to draft a pitcher who attacks the strike zone.

Coach ability will top flight prospects take in what coaches are telling him? It may seem silly but many prospects have been tossed away for being hard headed.

Wins and losses are no way to tell if a pitcher is going to be elite or not.