Detroit Red Wings they aren’t going to tank?

Embed from Getty Images Teams do it all the time. Ease off the gas and coast to the end. Move up in the draft order. The Detroit Red Wings are saying they will not. But, I’m not buying it.

Either the Red Wings are worse than I thought or they are tanking. But would a team come right out and admit that’s what they are doing? Probably not. That’s a good way to have even less fanny’s in the seats at Little Caesar’s Arena.
With the play of younger guys the Red Wings are not as bad as they appear. In a season that has seen Dylan Larkin grow into a first line caliber center and Anthony Mantha score with more consistency I simply do not  think they are all that bad.
The emergence of Tyler Bertuzzi and Evgeny Svechnikov have also breathed more life into the team. These four guys will make up the core of the Red Wings next great team.
Tanking is as I have said before the quickest way to get out of a rebuild. In my opinion the Red Wings are already in good position in the 2018 NHL draft. The tank (yes I’m going to say what they won’t) will further aid the speed up and winning will return faster to Motown.
In reality it is not cheating the fans or even the current team. That team had it’s day. Instead it is about the future. A future that can be closer by mounting losses.
That said it is not entirely pleasant. The process of losing more than winning. But it is needed. And I for one am fine with it. So tank away Red Wings.