Detroit Red Wings: draft prospect Quinton Hughes

Embed from Getty Images In the market for a top line defender, the Detroit Red Wings should look no further than Michigan Wolverines, defensive player Quinn Hughes.


He stand 5′ 10″. But Michigan defender Quinton Hughes, is an outstanding NHL prospect. In the 2018 NHL draft he is the fastest defensive player in the draft. He has a high hockey I.Q.

Hughes, is close to Pittsburgh Penguins Kris Letang in terms of comparison. He is not afraid to hit or be hit. He has exceptional balance and a lethal shot. He has the quickness to make up for any flaws (which are very few) he may have.

Quinton Hughes, is NHL ready. Which is good news for the rebuilding Red Wings.  He can quarterback the power play as well.

In short for a Detroit, team who has needed a top line defenseman for some time have a very good opportunity to add one. Given his Michigan, roots Wings fans would love to have one of the states own playing in Motown.

Quinn, does need to gain some upper body strength. But that could come in games played in the NHL. He simply would be wasted in the minors.