The Detroit Tigers are shuffling coach’s

Embed from Getty Images 47-114, with a .292 winning percentage. Yet no one in the Detroit Tigers coaching department lost a job. That alone is baffling and somewhat disappointing. Detroit Tigers  manager Ron Gardenhire said  on Sunday  when you lose 114 games in a season, there’s going to be changes made. No changes, only a shift in existing coach’s.

In what the Detroit Tigers organization and fans hope is the bottoming out phase of a much needed rebuild, the team had a nightmare season. 114 losses is significantly more than Tiger management had envisioned back in spring training.

“We lost one hundred and, I can’t even say the number, and that’s not been fun. And we all take a little of it on ourselves.” Gardenhire told Detroit media after the teams last game of the season.

Of the so-called changes, there will only be one new face on the staff. Steve Liddle, who served as Gardenhire’s bench coach for 10 years in Minnesota with the Twins, will retire after two years in the same role in Detroit.

The Detroit Tigers finished the 2019 season on Sunday with a record of 47-114, second-most losses in franchise history behind only the 2003 team that lost 119 games. Yet all coach’s are coming back.

Even in a rebuild, lines must be drawn. Hard line stances on what is acceptable and what is not need to be outlined. The fact is the Tigers were never a threat to be good, nor should they have been 114 losses bad.

Detroit is set to continue to get younger in the next two seasons. One can hope there will be sweeping changes made. It is not right to hope a person loses their job. In sports there is a need for more than reshuffling needed to get players, young players up to major league standards of play.

By bringing the same coach’s back after a demoralizing season does not make fans want to spend hard earned money on the current product. Better days are coming again to Comerica Park and the city of Detroit. Right now if feels as if that is light years away.

Detroit Tigers: bringing Ron Gardenhire and his staff back

Embed from Getty Images The Detroit Tigers brought in manager Ron Gardenhire to oversee the teams rebuild. Gardenhire, is known for his work with young baseball talent. Headed into year two of the rebuild the Tigers are bringing back the entire coaching staff.


Signed to a two year contract before the start of the season Ron Gardenhire and his staff were brought in to help the first wave of the Detroit Tigers prospects and prepare them for day to day play. Something he and his staff have tackled head-on.


The Tigers players love Gardenhire. They say the clubhouse has a  close-knit chemistry. Something that has always been associated with Gardenhire. There is good reason for that. He is a players manager.


Ron and his coaching staff have been together since his days as the Minnesota Twins field boss. Players enjoy the staff’s hands on approach. He is still beloved in Minnesota to this day. He has endeared himself to the Tigers faithfuls as well.


In year two of the Detroit Tigers rebuild, another wave of prospects is expected to make the team out of spring training next season. They and the Tigers organization will lean into Gardenhire’s teachings. As many five prospects will be in Detroit before then end of next season.


Good prospects, good management and a good manager. That is where the Detroit Tigers are. Many of the franchises top prospects will begin to invade Comerica Park at some point next season.


Some will make the team. Others will get a look during the season. General manager Al Avila will count heavily on Gardenhire’s knowledge. As he will be the guy to tell them when a player is ready to make the jump from the minor’s to the majors.


When the dust settles on the Tigers rebuild. Ron Gardenhire and his staff very well could be out of the Motor City. But his finger prints will be all over the Tigers roster. For the better.

Detroit Tigers in Gardenhire we trust

Embed from Getty Images The Detroit Tigers rebuild is under way. Young players are in the lineup and others will be called up from the minor leagues throughout the season. General manager Al Avila, tabbed Ron Gardenhire as manager to over see the project.

Ron Gardenhire, a baseball lifer who has been there and done that. He is well respected around the league and all of his former players have nothing but glowing words and love for him. Given his work with young players it was a great hire by the Detroit Tigers.

There are plenty of young prospects in the Tigers system who will soon by the Motown. Under Gardenhire’s watch they will be ready for the daily challenges that each day presents. Former Detroit skipper Brad Ausmus seemed lost at times and unprepared other times.

Gardenhire, is a notorious stickler for doing things the right way and honoring the game of baseball and it’s history. He has gone on record as saying “we may or may not win a lot of games. But, I’ll tell you this we will be prepared.”

That is very good to hear. I feel the Detroit Pitching prospects will shine when they get to Comerica Park. Because Gardenhire will have it no other way. That should make Tigers fans happy. It is yet another reason to follow the team during this learning period known as a rebuild.