Detroit Lions: are looking for consistency

Embed from Getty Images With wins over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots and Aaron Rogers and the Green Bay Packers. The Detroit Lions look good. But 3 losses against sub-par teams leaves people scratching their heads.


There was always going to be an adjustment period in Detroit. The Lions after all had a new head coach. It has taken the entire preseason and 5 games into the regular season. It looks like coach, coaching staff and players are all on the same page.


It is not the 2-3 record that means anything. It is the fact that across the board the Detroit Lions have shown growth. The offensive line that under-performed in weeks 1 vs the New York Jets have gelled and are a great asset to the team.


In order to become a more physical team Detroit has cranked up the running game. It has shown real life.  LeGarrette Blount is a basher. Kerryon Johnson is the speed. They have been a formative combo.


Kenny Golladay, is turning into a superstar. The second year wide receiver ranks 5th in yards per catch at 15.9. He is a short, middle and deep threat. To go along with Golden Tate and Marvin Jones the team is looking much better.


Defensively is where the Detroit Lions have come the furthest. Defensive end Da’ Shawn Hand looks like a draft day steal in the third round. Da’ Shawn is 10th overall, and seventh most disruptive against the pass also he has been the best rookie interior defender in the league.


The team heads into their bye-week beating the rival Green Bay Packers in a one sided affair. They harassed Aaron Rogers all day and shut down the Packers running game.


The Lions need to clean a few things up during the week off. They need to begin to get up for the lesser teams the way they do against good teams. General manager Bob Quinn’s draft picks and free agents have been a blessing to the team.


Bob Quinn, is quickly becoming a know general manager around the league and is getting praise from his fellow general managers. I look for the Detroit Lions to keep grinding and get better every week. They are headed in the right direction.


As long as rookies continue to improve the Detroit Lions are building something that will lead to bigger things.