Father’s Day 2018

Embed from Getty Images As a father has compassion on his children, the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him. Psalm 103:13

If Mother’s are the staple of who we are. Father’s are the backbone. It is a gift from God to be a father.

Some father’s are involved. Some father’s are more distant. Some father’s are absent. But they all give us lessons to make us grow.

I have been blessed with a great father who leads by example. Even when I did not always get it. I got it. He gave me the space to grow and understand.

Beyond my father, I have been grateful for my wife’s father. We have shared many laughs and disagreements over the years. But, there has always been respect.

Even now as he struggles with his memory. To honor the man is, was and still is important. It is important because my children are watching. Something that is not lost on me.

The same way I watched my father and learned. In the same vein as my father who paved the way and lead by example. I hope to be the example of the grace I saw. Sometimes it pays to watch and learn.

It is Father’s Day.It is a time to reflect on the lessons taught and learned. And it is a day to watch baseball. And to remember what a gift it is to be in the position of being a father.

Detroit Tigers enough already

Fans need to embrace reality. The Detroit Tigers are going to be bad for a few years. There is no bandage the deep cuts of years big spending.

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I’ve read a few articles about what it would take for the Detroit Tigers to finish .500. What?! This team is not going to sniff .500. They are not in position for that. Let’s just get that out of the way now.
This is a Chicago Cubs, Houston Astros, Philadelphia Phillies sized rebuild. 100
loss seasons for 3-5 years. Part because they will be that bad and part because tanking gets you back to winning quicker. Also the fact that more minor league talent is needed.
But, for people to even remotely think .500 is possible I guess I’ll be the voice of reason. Not trying to ruffle feathers. Just giving it bluntly. It simply won’t happen anytime real soon. But, the team has made the right call in developing players in the minor league system.
It’s to be expected. Years of big spending, big free agents and years of winning have come to a grinding halt. Now comes the aftermath. It’s part disappointing and exciting. Frustrating days certainly lie ahead. That is to be expected in a rebuild of any sport.
But so does the promise of returning to competitive baseball. So no .500 seasons for a while. Enjoy the kids as they get called up. Focus on them. It will make things a little easier to swallow. It will also give fans a reason to go visit minor league ballparks and see a Beau Burrows or Matt Manning. To see what gives the Tigers hope.
There is no doom and gloom for those who love the game. It’s still baseball. Fans should take pride in the fact the Detroit Tigers are doing things better than they have in a long time.