The Detroit Pistons need Bruce Brown to be locked-in

Embed from Getty Images In a rookie season that saw Detroit Pistons, Bruce Brown take on James Harden, Steph Curry and Damian Lillard, Brown was asked to do a lot in the defensive end. More than other NBA rookies. Now fresh off a rookie year in which Bruce Brown played 55 games. The game has slowed down. That is the good news.

The Detroit Pistons are currently in the midst of training camp. One of the questions heading into camp was weather Bruce Brown would earn the starting guard job, or if Luke Kennard would wrestle it away from him.

Recently Brown said “The game has slowed down a lot and I know what to expect and what is expected of me.” On who Detroit Pistons head coach Dwane Casey will pick to start, “I’m going to control what I can control and play hard every day. I’m not worried about if I come off the bench or start.” Brown continued.

Bruce Brown worked hard on his offensive game over the summer. Defense has always come easy to Brown. Brown said he worked on fine-tuning his jump shot mechanics, as well as setting up the pick-and-roll. As if Brown’s defense could not get better, it did.

Pistons coach Casey said ‘his anticipation has gotten better in that he knows what’s about to come and the next play.” Casey and the Pistons coaching staff are pleased with the second year guard.

In my opinion, Bruce Brown should remain in the starting lineup, while Luke Kennard should come off the bench. This would give the Detroit Pistons both better depth and better balance.

This season the Pistons are looking for Bruce Brown to take the next step in his game. Brown is looking to build upon last seasons success, especially offensively. If he is able to elevate his game the Detroit Pistons will be closer to becoming a more complete team.


The Detroit Pistons may have hit the jackpot with Bruce Brown

After the Detroit Pistons were eliminated by the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round of the NBA Playoffs, Pistons head coach Dwane Casey said “We’re going to have to grow from within. We have a lot of talent with our young guys, but they have some areas they can get much better.”

Enter Bruce Brown who Detroit drafted during last June’s NBA draft. Brown did not look like he would make that big an impact. In fact the Pistons rookie thought he would be in street clothes watching from the press box a lot. Instead, Bruce Brown found himself starting 56 games and played more minutes than all second-round picks other than the Dallas Mavericks Jalen Brunson, the 33rd draft pick.

His physical strength helped Brown become a defensive weapon for the Detroit Pistons. Not a single player put up better numbers in strength testing at the 2018 NBA draft combine than Bruce Brown.

This offseason the Pistons are asking Bruce to primarily focus on improving his 3 point shooting,  Brown shot just .258 from the 3 point arc and was a reluctant shooter, averaging only 7.8 shots per 36 minutes and just 2.3 from the 3 point line per 36,  but Brown also must use his God given physical strength and be a  better finisher at the rim.

Dwane Casey likes Brown’s explosive first step and his strength which should allow him to finish strong. He just needs to trust his step more. Detroit wants to find a point guard this offseason. In the draft or free agency. However, I suggest what Dwane Casey has said. Bruce Brown can be that point guard the team is desperate for.

In short, Bruce Brown already has the tough part down. He is above average to very good on defense. The Pistons need him to switch gears a bit and focus on offense. Brown, can do it. It will take some time.

Brown already makes good decisions with the ball. Because he is so good on defense he has already guarded many different players at different heights. Because of his aforementioned physical skill level and he has a toughness that can not be coached. Detroit could go short term on a point guard on the free agent market and give Brown a chance to grow into the position.

I look to Bruce Brown to take another step next season.

Detroit Pistons: the draft

Embed from Getty Images With no wiggle room for free agents. The Detroit Pistons, needed to look to the 2018 NBA draft for depth and roster help. Not having a first round draft pick. Detroit, did well.

When the Detroit Pistons traded for Blake Griffin, back in January they gave their first round draft pick in the deal. So basically the drafted Griffin.  Now new Pistons head coach Dwane Casey, has two new tools to use.

Detroit, traded two future second round picks and used one to draft Khyri Thomas from the university of Creighton. Both an offensive and defensive force. The 6′ 3″ Thomas is exactly what the Pistons, both were looking for and needed.

While at Creighton, he averaged 15.1 points while shooting a very good 53.8 success rate. He is very good off the dribble and very quick. He has a reputation of being an above average two way player. It seems the Pistons may have stolen this pick.

Detroit, then used their pick at number 42 to draft Miami Hurricanes two guard Bruce Brown. It is a pick that is somewhat risky as Brown, was injured and missed half the season.

The assumption must be the Detroit Pistons, were good with the medical reports. At 6′ 5″ Bruce Brown adds both depth and a 15.0 average off the bench. Defense he is extremely solid. It could be Detroit, plans on sending Brown to the G league and let him play himself back into shape.

Then allowing coach Casey to do what he does best and is known for. Developing young players and maximizing their talents.

Detroit Pistons, fans should like what the team has done in the draft. Getting a steal in Thomas and getting future guard help in Bruce.