Detroit Tigers: preparing for next season

Embed from Getty Images With year one of the Tigers rebuild in the books. It is time to look to next season. A season Tigers fans will see flooded with more top prospects by seasons end.


With many of the organization’s top prospects graduating during the 2018 season. The rebuilding Detroit Tigers are one step closer to being a contending team once again.


With two bad seasons now behind them. The Detroit Tigers are looking at 2019 as a bridge year to a brighter future. Given the talent in the Detroit farm system that is exactly what next season will be.


It is highly likely the Tigers will not be aggressive in trades or free agent signings until after next season. Still Tigers general manager Al Avila recently said “you can’t have a lineup of .200 hitters.” So it is possible the Detroit field architect will sign a middle infielder this offseason.


The start of next season will look an awful lot this season. Up and down play. As the season moves along Tigers fans will begin to get what they have been waiting for. Fresh top talent at Comerica Park.


Some player will arrive as soon as Memorial Day. It is very likely that when the roster expands next September the kids will have taken over. Casey Mize, Beau Burrows, Franklin Perez, Matt Manning, Daz Cameron and Isaac Paredes will have punched their Detroit ticket.


That is what is needed in a rebuild. The difference is Detroit is doing it the right way. Moving prospects up the chain after they have shown they have mastered a new level.


By the time the 2020 MLB seasons rolls around the Detroit Tigers will once again be heavy favorites to win the division. It will be one of the fastest rebuild in the modern baseball era. The Tigers will be the blueprint. They took what the Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros did. Only the Tigers have done it faster.


I have seen the talent in the Detroit Tigers system and it should scare teams. They are set to be very good for a very long time.