Detroit Pistons further proof

Embed from Getty Images I have given my feelings on the need for a bench leader for the Detroit Pistons. To me this is the nail in the coffin. Simply put excuses bring everyone down.


Excuses, excuses if there is one thing I absolutely can not stand it is excuses! A couple of days ago Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy said the Detroit season would have been totally different if Reggie Jackson was healthy the whole season.


I have to admit I was fuming at this statement. Exactly why would the leader of a team say if a player did not have an injury or two the season would have been different? To me he was trying to get out of doing a good job by this remark.


Why would Van Gundy not say what every quality head coach has ever said “injuries are part of the game. We need other guys to step up?” Anything other than blaming one players injury to dooming the entire team.


To me this is yet another reason Stan must go. If he were truly a good coach he would have come up with solutions and not excuses. Every team has injuries. Yet the Pistons coach tells the media this was the dagger in the entire season.


It wares fans down. I can not help but think it wares Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores down as well.