Father’s Day 2021

I can not believe it is here again. Father’s Day, the day to celebrate dad (or the father figure in your life.) This year is a bit more “normal” than last year. This year not only do I get to see my dad, but I get hangout time as well. That is something I will never take for granted again as the global pandemic continues to be further and further behind us I am grateful to see my dad for an extended time.

I took many of the lessons my dad taught me or showed me from leading by example to navigate through the pandemic. Keeping a level head, continue to follow the leadership both local and national and the recommendations they gave.

I was blessed to stay healthy and working the entire time. I also had a job change due to health issues. I believe that is due to both listening and obeying God, my dad as well as government officials.

I took all the steps necessary that would lead to being able to be reunited with my dad on Father’s Day including getting vaccinated. A day I quite frankly had taken for granted for decades. It is so true, you don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone.

I hosted a Memorial Day cookout and my mom and dad came to my house. It was a great day! But, if you are like me that was a much too short day. Not to mention I had other family members come over so my attention was not solely focused on one person.

The reason I am so excited to be able to hangout with my dad, is we are both older. I have no idea how long either of us have left on this earth. God holds the days, I just live them with gratitude.

This year giving my dad a Father’s Day gift will mean a little more, but it is only a small token of the love and deep appreciation I have for my dad.

Star Wars Father’s Day gift ideas

It’s coming this Sunday. Father’s Day, if your like me the celebratory day for dad’s sneaks up on you. Perhaps it is because Father’s Day comes on the heals of Memorial Day. Perhaps it is because life is busy and I and others simply lose track. Whatever the reason, there is no need to stress or freak out. If your dad is a Star Wars fan you really have time.

PARIS, FRANCE – JUNE 21: A guest wears a white t-shirt with a picture of Star Wars print, , outside Berluti, during Paris Fashion Week – Menswear Spring/Summer 2020, on June 21, 2019 in Paris, France. (Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)

While T-Shirts have replaced the tie as “THE” Father’s Day gift, there are other options for dad’s. I means sure a shirt is nice. How about instead of just a T-Shirt thrown in a gift bag try maybe getting a Star Wars coffee mug and rolling the shirt up and putting it in the mug is a better presentation of your love for your dad or father figure.

What to do if dear old dad does not like coffee and has so many T-Shirt’s his dresser drawer barely closes. Maybe pick up a nice Star Wars print. This would look good in dad’s office or his mancave. If mom allows maybe even a small spot somewhere in the house. He may need to use a Jedi mind trick for that to happen.

What may make dad feel special is have a Star Wars bobblehead head made with his likeness. What you say? Is that possible? It is and it’s a pretty cool idea. While it is a little pricy, maybe a brother or sister or both can help chip in. Or take it to mom and hope the Force is with you.

Darth Vader poses for photographers at the end of the screening of US director George Lucas’ film “Star Wars : Episode III – Revenge of the Sith”, 15 May 2005 at the 58th edition of the Cannes International Film Festival. The seminal sci-fi saga “Star Wars” comes to a rousing close 15 May when the final episode in the six-part series gets its international premiere at the Cannes film festival. The Cannes film festival, the world’s top showcase of cinema, started 11 May with a slew of veteran auteurs lining up for the prestigious Palme d’Or prize, and Hollywood muscling in to promote this year’s blockbusters.
AFP PHOTO PASCAL GUYOT (Photo by Pascal GUYOT / AFP) (Photo by PASCAL GUYOT/AFP via Getty Images)

If your like me then art is the way to go. Star Wars offer many different art of books. These books bring Star Wars to life in a different way. The books also offer insight to the thinking of design concepts and show the evolution of going from the drawing board to the big screen.

There are many other Star Wars gift ideas I did not even approach. So relax, you’ve got this. Get dad something he likes and show him some love.

Father’s Day 2018

Embed from Getty Images As a father has compassion on his children, the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him. Psalm 103:13

If Mother’s are the staple of who we are. Father’s are the backbone. It is a gift from God to be a father.

Some father’s are involved. Some father’s are more distant. Some father’s are absent. But they all give us lessons to make us grow.

I have been blessed with a great father who leads by example. Even when I did not always get it. I got it. He gave me the space to grow and understand.

Beyond my father, I have been grateful for my wife’s father. We have shared many laughs and disagreements over the years. But, there has always been respect.

Even now as he struggles with his memory. To honor the man is, was and still is important. It is important because my children are watching. Something that is not lost on me.

The same way I watched my father and learned. In the same vein as my father who paved the way and lead by example. I hope to be the example of the grace I saw. Sometimes it pays to watch and learn.

It is Father’s Day.It is a time to reflect on the lessons taught and learned. And it is a day to watch baseball. And to remember what a gift it is to be in the position of being a father.