Detroit Lions; With Matt Patricia the team will be fundamentally sound

Embed from Getty Images The Detroit Lions, have had talented players but they have not always had coaches that teach proper fundamentals. Under new head coach Matt Patricia that will change.

The aftermath of the 2018 NFL draft is upon us and mini camps are set to open next week. That said the Detroit Lions, start in a new direction one that is based in fundamentally sound play.

Lions fans, can expect the team to play more sound, cut down on penalties, and play tougher than in seasons past. Patricia, has set the as the new norm in Detroit.

Patricia, while in New England with the Patriots had his defensive unit ready every play, every snap, every down. That is what is coming to the Lions. Attention to detail.

Matt Patricia’s defenses never self imploded as he coached them. The Detroit Lions, had moments sometime big moments of self implosion. That angered and frustrated the fan base at times.

I am not sure if that was the fault of previous Lions head coaches or assistant coaches. But there were times the staff was clearly not on the same page.

I fully expect that to be in the past as the Detroit Lions step in a new direction. A direction that is going to be chalked full of fundamental accountability.