The 2020 Michigan Wolverines offense could look a little different

Embed from Getty Images One year ago Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan Wolverines football team’s offense was stale, and did not have the firepower to win in the schools biggest games. Harbaugh went outside the box and brought in Josh Gattis to run his offense. Gattis arrived in Ann Arbor and said his offense is based on “speed in space.”

“Speed in space,” is based on spreading the ball around and getting it to the best play makers. It sounded like a good theory. Michigan had some players needed to become a bit more explosive offensively.

Yet, Gattis and the Wolverines did not have enough play makers to move the meter much. Jim Harbaugh and Josh Gattis watched as the Wolverines struggled to grasp the offense early in the 2019 season.

Then it began to click, Michigan went on a mini tear, amassing points and yardage in the second half of the season. throw out a combined point total of 43 against Ohio State and Alabama, it goes without saying that is bad, Michigan did gain a combined 791 yards against the two national powerhouses.

The Michigan Wolverines offense clearly showed signs of growth. Enough growth to suggest the Wolverines look set to be a dangerous offensive team next season.

Cutting down on turnovers and finding a running game opened things up for the Gattis lead offense. Hammering Notre Dame for 45 points and hanging in against both Ohio State and Alabama, albeit for only the first half are positive steps.

The real question for Harbaugh, Gattis and the Michigan offense is what’s next? The team must replace quarterback Shea Patterson, who both struggled and played well sometimes within the same game. Michigan has an outstanding offensive line, but need to replace four starters as well as wide receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones who declared for the NFL draft.

While that is a lot to replace, Michigan, thanks in large part to solid recruiting have the depth for a smooth transition. It is not difficult to see improvement for the 2020 Big Ten season.

Jim Harbaugh knew this would be a bumpy step-back season as his team went in a new direction offensively. If the team can find it’s way through the non-conference games with new starters, Michigan’s offense looks prepared to take the next step.

Jim Harbaugh has given the offense completely over to Josh Gattis

Embed from Getty Images Fans and media had their doubts. Doubts about would Jim Harbaugh a hands on quarterbacks coach, hands on the offensive coach would really give up control. Shortly after being named Michigan Wolverines offensive coordinator, Josh Gattis hit the recruiting road with his new boss.

Entering his fifth season as Wolverines head coach, Jim Harbaugh made his most intriguing and bold move to date.  Not only bringing in a new offensive coaching mind. But giving him absolute control. In a recent media, meet and greet Gattis said “Jim has been so open, he has given me the freedom to run the offense, he has given me input to help me.”

With three spring practices complete, players are still learning the new playbook. It is clear that changes have been made. Gattis and the Wolverines offensive coaching staff have stripped all of the old away and are starting from square one. “We are not patting ourselves on the back, we’re not ready yet.” This is the design of spring practice.

“We will find ways to get playmakers the ball,” Gattis said, “We will be a tempo, no-huddle team.” The new offensive play caller stopped short of saying his offense is a spread-style offense. It is not. At least not a true spread-style.

The big difference in Josh Gattis’s offense and a spread-style is while both offensive styles attack defenses. Gattis and the system he runs is much more physical. Also the days of the dink and dunk are gone. Michigan will now attack defenses. They will take more shots downfield.

“We want to dictate what the defenses do. How do we do that? Control the line of scrimmage, get the ball to players who can get in space and make plays.” Gattis is offering a new philosophy, at least at Michigan.

Josh, was blunt as he told the fans and media “We need more depth at wide receiver, we are good at tight end.” Until There is depth at receiver, expect Michigan running backs to catch passes out of the backfield.


Michigan spring football, all eyes will be on Josh Gattis

Embed from Getty Images After yet another disappointing end to the season, change came to Ann Arbor. Jim Harbaugh said he did not think any changes would be made. He then changed his mind and brought in Alabama and former Penn State coordinator Josh Gattis to run his offense.

By now you know the drum Josh Gattis has been beating “speed in space.” Gone is Tim Drevno and Pep Hamilton. Harbaugh purged his offensive staff. He also insists Gattis will have full control of the offense. That allows Harbaugh to manage the game.

The Michigan Wolverines football team is set to open spring practice this coming Sunday. The new offense is the focal point. Part mystery, while also being the single most fascinating group puts the unit under fan and media microscope.

The biggest issue for Michigan the past two years has been offensive consistency. At times the Wolverines looked dynamic at times often in the same game, they fell apart. So new coaches were brought in. In part for a new voice, in part a new direction.

Michigan has the pieces and parts to be a solid offensive driven team. Ed Warinner has brought the Wolverines running game into the modern college football landscape.

Josh Gattis said that it is his job to get players to “be explosive, while working around a well coaches running game.” A breath of fresh air for the Michigan faithful to hear.

For the first time at Michigan under any head coach. The Wolverines will bring and lineup in multiple formations. Keeping defense honest and on their heels.

Josh Gattis has yet to speak at great length to the media. He has appeared on Harbaughs weekly pod-cast. Jim Harbaugh wants his new coordinator completely focused of improving an offense that is sure to improve under the coach that Nick Saban was upset to lose.

With spring football starting in days. All eyes will be on the new offense. While it goes without saying Michigan will not show off all of their new formations, they will give a look into what is to come. Sort of to wet the appetite.