A list of the best Iron Maiden songs

Embed from Getty Images British legends Iron Maiden could quite easily be seen as the definitive heavy metal band. As big as Maiden’s legend is time and again, they rise to meet their legend with daring new albums and tours. It was mission impossible to make a best of list for a band who’s entire albums are instant classics. But, in this opinion write up I tried to narrow it down.

“Wasted Years”- album, Somewhere in Time (1986): This Iron Maiden  beauty starts with complex guitar riffs starts  before the band starts in. “Wasted Years”  chorus is instantly unforgettable, while the band is at full power.

“Aces High”- album, Powerslave (1984), I have to admit this is perhaps my favorite Maiden song. With that said, from start to finish “Aces High” is full throttle rock, with another first class Maiden riff at it’s core. Lead singer Bruce Dickenson, tells the wartime story.

“2 Minutes to Midnight”- album Powerslave (1984), Written by guitarist Adrian Smith and Bruce Dickinson, “2 Minutes To Midnight” is powered  once again by classic metal riffs. Countless bands tried similar riff styles after the songs release, but to nowhere near as great effect as Maiden did with this monster.

“The Number of the Beast”- album The Number of the Beast (1982), When Iron Maiden released this in 1982 it turned more than a few heads and made instant fans for the band. This song was strongly opposed  by social conservatives. In the United States people claimed Maiden were satanic. People obviously had not read the lyrics.

Where as I stated “Aces High” was perhaps my favorite Iron Maiden song “Hallowed be They Name”-album The Number of the Beast (1982) is not far behind. This song is about a man who is on death row and about to be executed, it is from the perspective of that man.


Iron Maiden is not satanic. They are a very good group who sing about, God, Satan, War, history, evil, what drives a man to do the things he does. This list is short. That is because I could have gone on for a long time.

Detroit Lions Legends football camp review

Featured photo by Erin Wallace

Jeff Chadwick, Lomas Brown, Luther Bradley, Scott Conover, Eric Hipple, Cory Schlesinger, George Jamison and Don Clemons. These are the former players and coach that made up the first Lions Legend Camp held in Clare Michigan. The camp was a huge success.

In the calm before the storm I was able to ask Jeff Chadwick a few questions about what has been the driving force behind starting a football camp with former NFL players teaching and encouraging middle and high school athletes. “I want to get kids off the devices,” Chadwick stated. “Teach kids hand eye coordination and help them understand training and just what it takes to play football.”

Photo by Erin Wallace

In today’s tech savvy world video games and smart phones rule many teenagers lives. While those games have a time and place. To be active and in structured sports helps bring kids the knowledge for how to get along with others and work together, not to mention how to be a good teammate and even a leader.

As they arrived the student athletes hands were marked with what position they play or are going to try out for. In my opinion what made the camp excel is that after being grouped by position the players rotated around and tried other positions. That can only help to bring a full understanding of what it means to be a team.

Former Detroit Lions players instructed the players as a group and also worked one on one with them. The student athletes ate up everything the players were telling them. As they should. It is not easy to get to the NFL. All the information handed out is a great benefit and you could see the players confidence grow as they applied what they were told.

On a side note, for former players who always seem to be busy to take time out of their schedules and away from family and pass on what made them successful was endearing.

The first Detroit Lions Legends football camp was a smashing success. It is a camp that will continue to grow. Jeff Chadwick and his outstanding support team should be proud. Just like training for a football season, the work Jeff and his team put in paid off.

Parents and coaches in and around Michigan should look into this camp for their children, players and teams.