Tommy John surgery recommended for Detroit Tigers pitcher Michael Fulmer

Embed from Getty Images One tragic bullpen session promptly ended Detroit Tigers pitcher Michael Fulmer’s season before it even began. The Tigers announced Tuesday that Fulmer has been recommended for Tommy John surgery.

At some point in the bullpen session  Fulmer began to experience right elbow soreness a red flag for any pitcher. The  result of an MRI confirmed the worst. The Tigers and Fulmer got a second opinion from famed sports surgeon Dr. James Andrews, but are also going to get a third opinion.

It is every bit a year to year in a half recovery from reconstruction of the ulnar collateral ligament surgery. “Your thoughts go towards him more than anything else,” Detroit Tigers  manager Ron Gardenhire said. It is a big blow for Fulmer and the Tigers.

There were signs that something wasn’t right this spring training. Fulmer’s velocity, normally 96-97 mph, barely topped 91-92. Fulmer had surgery last season on a torn meniscus, the Tigers thought that caused the dip in velocity. They were wrong.

Michael Fulmer’s knee surgery was performed by the aforementioned Dr. James Andrews. Andrews,  is the pioneering specialist on Tommy John surgeries so he would most likely be the man in charge of repairing the Detroit pitchers elbow.

For the rebuilding Tigers who were counting hard on the 26 year old right handed pitcher, it is a big blow. The Tigers in no way, shape or form should bring up prized pitching prospect Casey Mize. If the team was going to be in contention for the division title then they would bring Mize up.

Casey Mize is ready for MLB. However the Tigers want him to have as much time in the minors so that he is 100% comfortable when he is brought up. Now is simply not the time.

Detroit Tigers general manager Al Avila was asked about a realistic time frame for Casey Mize he said:

“Well, Casey Mize, I guess, realistically, the most important thing, people have to understand, we have to build up a pitcher’s innings,” Avila said. “When he gets to the big leagues, you don’t want to worry: ‘Oh, I have to shut him down. He’s pitched too much.’

“In the minor leagues, you can go at your own pace. You give them 30 percent increases (every season) in innings. A lot depends on health, the stress of the innings he’s pitched. You have to build him up.”

That is the right path to take. So now the Tigers have one week to come up with a starting pitcher. Not ideal for sure.

Detroit Tigers: need to trade Michael Fulmer

Embed from Getty Images He is a very good, very young pitcher. The Detroit Tigers, need to trade the former American League rookie of the year. Never mind that he is only 25 years old and he is under control for four more years. Michael Fulmer, can speed up the Tigers rebuild.

This is a hot debate for Detroit Tigers fans. Fulmer, is an outstanding pitcher. He is young and under team control for four more years until he can hit the open market as a free agent.

It is no secret the New York Yankees, are interested. That is a good place to start for Tigers general manager Al Avila. The Yankees have a top three rated farm system. It will take a lot to pry a talent like Fulmer away.

The Yankees, who have a history of getting players they need for a championship run are likely to bite. That would speed up the Detroit rebuild. The Yankees contacted the Tigers last winter in hoping to reach a deal. They currently have two starting pitcher injured.

While the organization has several prospects that are about ready to make the jump to the majors it would help them grow together and learn to win together. That can not be over stated.

As much as Michael Fulmer, brings to the mound and as difficult as it would be parting with him. The temporary pain of loss as well as temporary pain of the team taking a step back will be soon forgotten when the top prospects begin to land at Comerica Park.

For me it is a no-brainer. Trading Michael Fulmer, needs to happen. For the big picture. Detroit, will be able to knock two years off the rebuild by trading him. They will be able to return to competitive baseball in 3-4 years.