Mother’s Day 2018

Embed from Getty Images My son, keep your father’s commandment, and forsake not your mother’s teaching. Proverbs 6:20

Sports and Mom. They don’t belong together. Or do they? A Mom lets you dream big and lets you do what you love.

I understand some of us our blessed with great mothers and others of us well we just wish we had a mother.

I was blessed with a mom who allowed me to follow my passion of watching and soaking in Detroit sports. She did not have much love for what I did. But she allowed me space to be my own person.

In fact my mom used to work the “be your own person” phrase into my life often. It worked. The same way a batter takes batting practice everyday. Until it just takes over.

Being a mom is like being a head coach or manager. Always staying positive and cheering even when things went bad.

Mothers are to be cherished. I am doubly blessed in that my wife has worked tirelessly to become an unbelievable mother. She works and cheers through the ups and downs of our children’s lives.

I am blessed that she had an amazing mom to learn from much the same way I did. My life and my children’s lives are rich in love and knowledge with the grace and wisdom the ladies in our life have bestowed on us.

It is Mothers Day. It is a great day. No matter where you are in life. Mom’s are the staple of who we are.