Detroit Lions: How imroved will the run game be?

Embed from Getty Images The Detroit Lions, have not been in the top half of the NFL since Hall Fame running back Barry Sanders, graced the Detroit backfield. 2018 has Detroit with a new coach, new running backs. What does it mean?

Veteran running LeGarrette Blount and rookie Kerryon Johnson, join the attempt to kick start the worst running attack in the NFL. Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia, has stated many times he wants a balanced offense.

Coach Patrica, has also adopted the New England Patriots, “Do your job” slogan.  That seems simple enough. But it is almost to basic. If everyone is focused and blocking the player lined up against them. If running backs are focused on hitting the designed running lane and not improvising. Better results are sure to follow.

The Detroit Lions, have not had a running back break 100 yards in a games since 2014 in the person of Reggie Bush.  Needless to say that is a long time. It is a long time the Lions have been toothless (pun intended) to the point of being dead last in every rushing stat.

Matt Patrica, is dead right. The same way a team can not win if defenders are not tackling. The same way a team will have a mixed bag of results mostly bad if the offense is not balanced.

An improved offensive line is a good start. But, the rest is up to the tailback. Whoever’s number is called on a certain down must “do your job.”