Detroit Lions offering second chances

Embed from Getty Images We all fall short in life. No matter if it is our upbringing, curses, someone does something to us or we just make bad choices.

Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia, recently said that under the right situation and depending the depth of the issue he would “be open to giving a person another chance.”
Notice he said person and not player. He is humanizing the subject. Patricia went on to say he went into coaching to “make a difference in people’s lives.”
That is very refreshing to hear. Giving the win now attitude of teams, owners and fans. General manager Bob Quinn has done his best to steer clear of “red flag” players.
Yes, it is true that a certain amount of homework must be done before considering if a player should be blessed with a second chance. It is also true that every single person should have a second chance. Why do you think we feel good when there is a comeback?
I invite you to think back on your life and think of a time a better choice should or could have been made. Were you shunned? We need to show others the same mercy we have received.
We as a society need to stop judging people from a mistake. And embrace them and help them. The Detroit Lions reaffirmed for me Matt Patricia is the right guy to lead them.