Detroit Pistons: banking on a trainer

Embed from Getty Images How important are athletic trainers to sports teams? They are often overlooked, until injuries both set in, and pile up. The Detroit Pistons having been bit by the injury bug the past few seasons are bringing back a familiar face to help them stay healthy.

Point guard Reggie Jackson has missed 67 games the past two seasons. Power forward Blake Griffin has missed 107 the past four seasons. Health is critical to the life of any team. Without it seasons come crashing down.

Arnie Kander, who was with the Detroit Pistons as head trainer in the mid 1990’s and early 2000’s is returning to the same position after a stint with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Shortly after being named senior adviser back in May, Ed Stefanski reached out to Kander and asked him to return to the team. That is a good move.

Arnie Kander is a former  ballet dancer. He is known around the NBA for his focus on stretching. He also designed specific workouts for basketball players that is used around the league.

He is a very wanted man in  basketball circles. The fact that Arnie Kander spent 23 years in Detroit, gave the Pistons a leg up on bringing the famous trainer back.

During his time with the Pistons, they were the healthiest team in the NBA. He left the team and the Detroit Pistons became the team with the most injuries in the NBA. So it is not hard to see why they would bring an old friend back into the fold.

With a roster that by all accounts is ready to win now. Arnie Kander may be the most important signing of the offseason. The Pistons are banking on it.