Mark Dantonio, says Michigan State needs to make plays in the fourth quarter

Embed from Getty Images It seems just about certain the Michigan State Spartans football team will enter the season with a top-five defense. A defense that returns nearly every starter from last seasons disappointment. Yet, the defense does not need fixed.

The Michigan State offense was woefully bad, awful at times. The Spartans offense finished in the bottom-10 in almost every statistical category in 2018. Michigan State ranked eighth nationally on defense, allowing 17.2 points per-game. The Spartans offense however, ranked 125 out of 129, scoring 18.7 points per-game.

In Tuesday’s media meet and greet Dantonio was blunt, “we left some plays on the field, that is the difference between 13-1 and 7-6.”  He is correct. “We were in games in the fourth quarter, but we did not score, we need to score more points.”

During the 2018 season the Michigan State Spartans were outscored 104-49 in the fourth quarter of their 13 games. In contrast, the Spartans scored 194 points the first three quarters, while holding opponents to 119 points during the same three quarters.

While the fourth quarter scoring stats do not paint the whole picture it gives glimpse of what went wrong for the Spartans last season.  A quarterback playing with an injured shoulder as well as an offensive line that had injuries and caused inconsistent play also was a factor.

The offensive line issues lead to a poor run game as well. Injuries are part of every sport. What seemed to be exposed was Michigan State’s lack of quality depth. That is at the heart of the offensive woes.

Mark Dantonio for whatever reason shuffled his coaching staff instead of infusing new blood into his program. That will not hide the depth issue for the Spartans at left tackle, right guard and running back.

This is what the focus for the Spartans coaches and players will be during spring practice.

The Detroit Pistons need to cut ties with Langston Galloway

Embed from Getty Images The Detroit Pistons recently sent guard Reggie Bullock to the L.A. Lakers for a second round draft pick and guard Svi Mykhailiuk. Former  Pistons Head Coach/President of Basketball Operations Stan Van Gundy handed Langston Galloway a three year 21 million dollar deal.

For three seasons Langston Galloway has been a massive disappointment. That can not be understated. He wears flashy shoes, but that does nothing for Galloway’s game. This is year three and Langston Galloway has reached a career low 32 percent shooting. He has mastered the brick with authority.

His new career shooting low comes on the heels of last seasons at 34 percent shooting. Not a good look for someone who was handed a 21 million dollar deal to make shots. This is a small sample of why Van Gundy is no longer in Motown.

At 6’2″ Langston Galloway lacks the size to help out much defensively. Making him worthless. The Detroit Pistons, were not going to resign Langston after the season and should just cut bait with him now. He is a wasted roster space.

He is blocking Mykhailiuk a player who has a great shot from playing. Perhaps, Galloway’s greatest  defensive block since coming to Detroit. The other night against Boston, Galloway had a -14. Woeful!

Plus/ Minus in basketball is the average impact in terms of net point differential per 100 offensive and defensive possessions. It is hard to come to any reasonable conclusion why Pistons coach Dwane Casey left Galloway in the game.

While Svi MyKahailiun and Khyri Thomas two of the Detroit Pistons better shooters played exactly zero minutes. It is rather head scratching. The Detroit Pistons are eyeing the playoffs.

I will go on record now and say there will be no playoffs as long as Langston Galloway has more playing time than players who can actually help the team. Those players are on the bench. It has grown increasingly frustrating with the Pistons fan base who see this.

Dwane Casey needs to wake up and needs to do it before it is too late.