How do you watch when your team is bad

It’s easy to root and watch when your favorite sports team is playing well and winning. But what happens when the window closes and a much needed rebuild is the next step? How do you continue to watch?

For me I do a few things:

  1. Take stock of minor leagues provided it’s MLB or NHL. Otherwise to to get to know draft wannabes.
  2. . Look at trade assets. Who has high trade value and can be moved for draft picks and or prospects.
  3. . How long will the rebuild take.

That is where both the Detroit Tigers and Red Wings are. For the Red Wings it’s going to be every bit of 5-7 years. Stuck with an aging roster chalked full of bad contracts and a gm who has lost his luster in his field.

For the Tigers they have good young arms in the lower minors. They still have work to do to get the farm systems up. But, given last seasons trades of players like Justin Verlander, Alex Avila, Justin Wilson, and Ian Kinsler they began overhauling the system and have breathed new life in mean time. They dumped a bunch of salaries and coupled with the fact there is no salery cap in MLB 3-5 years seems like a good estimate for the Tigers to return to solid play.

My personal enjoyment comes from the game itself. Winning to me has never beenĀ  something I wished for. Detroit sports will make you level headed and even give you a thrill from time to time.


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