What to do when you have sports deaf parent or spouse

I like to talk sports. A lot. I could do it 24/7 365. I like to hang around like minded people. But, sometimes life can throw you a curve. Not a twelve o’clock to six o’clock nasty Sandy Koufax breaking curve mind you.

But rather a curve like your parents don’t share necessarily share you passion for sports. If your lucky and God has a sense of humor your spouse doesn’t share that passion either.

Yup that was my upbringing and well headed into 23 years of marriage. It’s like a double whammy.

So what to do? Speak it anyway. That’s right. Get it out. Bore them the way they bore you by walking around a fabric store. To both people they would rather hear finger nails drag and scratch across a chalkboard. Perhaps that’s what they hear when I start in about a stat or a game I just read about or watched. It’s not meant to be mean or cause strife. They will listen out of love and probably look like one of the students in “Ferris Bueller’s day off.”

Which in a twisted way is fun to watch. Or you could let them off the hook and start a blog.

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