Roll of the dice

The Detroit Lions are reportedly going to name New England Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia head coach. After the Patriots finish their season either in the AFC title game or Super Bowl.

Given his success with next to no Pro Bowl players Patricia may look attractive to the Lions who have had a handful of Pro Bowl players not to mention his defense is consistently in the top 5 in the NFL.

He’s been with the Patriots for 12 seasons 6 of them as the leader of the defense. Lions GM Bob Quinn who was with the Patriots organization for 12 years is familiar with Patricia so I’m sure he feels like this is a safe solid hire.

Yet, no matter a coaches background and success it’s a crap shoot if that actually translates when sliding into the role of head coach.
While being regarded as a good/great defensive coordinator and being in the much looked up to Patriots organization are definitely pluses. There is the unknown element.
So with that the Lions will roll the dice and hope they strike it big.

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