Tigers rebuild is in gear what to watch for this spring

It’s like a broken record. The Detroit Tigers are in a full blown, time needed (aka trust the process) rebuild. As pitchers and catcher report here’s a list of what I’m looking for this spring:
  1. The kids are coming, The Tigers have invited some of their promising prospects to spring training. I can’t wait to see the young pitchers display their stuff that has the Tigers pitching prospects ranked #2 in all of baseball.
  2. Can Castellanos handle the full time move to right field? He’s a big bat big r.b.i producer. But, it won’t matter if he can’t handle the position day in and day out.
  3. Is Christian Stewart destined for DH? Like Castellanos he’s a big bat run producer. But if he can’t field in what most feel will be in Toledo with the Mud Hens it will feel like a wasted draft pick.
  4. New coaching staff is going to have to work magic to blend raw young players with vets who are stuck because of bad contracts. Not necessarily a bad thing. The vets will give the likes of Issac Parades time to settle in as he develops.
  5. The fans need to understand what lies ahead is better than what’s in front of them right now. That’s the fun part for me. Big picture thinking is your friend


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