Matt Patrica: a players coach with and edge

Embed from Getty Images He is not gruff. He is very well spoken. He is highly intelligent, in fact he is literally a rocket scientist. But do not be fooled. Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia also has an edgy side to him.

His former players with the New England Patriots have nothing but high love, respect and genuine admiration for they’re former defensive coordinator.
It is just not the defensive players. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady called Patricia “one of my all time favorite coaches.” That was not just lip service. It is a common theme.
He came to Detroit in a very light hearted press conference. He joked. He smiled. He was articulate. But, as his former players heaped the praise on him they also mentioned in the next breath. Matt Patricia is a very demanding coach.
He gets his point across and it does not matter if a rookie or a ten year veteran. That is a tall tale sign of a good coach. In some aspects it is much like being a father.
Love them. Instruct them. Teach them. Listen to them. Then when they mess up go to them and handle it. Put all the boarders up so there is no grey area.
Matt Patricia, is the right head coach for the Detroit Lions. He is orderly and precise. Something the organization has lacked at times.
It will be interesting to see how he handles the day to day nuances of coaching duties.

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