Embed from Getty Images Yes, Beau Burrows, is among my favorite Detroit Tigers prospect. I firmly believe he will be given a start or two in Motown this season. Given his quick uprise through the Tigers minor leagues.


The Erie Seawolves, kicked off they’re season yesterday and Burrows, took the mound. He picked up right where he left off last season. In short Burrows, was in complete control. He is one reason the pitching talent pool in Detroit is so deep.


In 5 innings of work he surrendered 1 hit, 2 walks along with 6 strikeouts. His fastball touched 96 mph. He had full command of both his pitches and the trike zone. For his first start of the season, 5 innings of locked in pitching more inning were not needed. So it was wise to save them for another day and another start.


Something he improved on last season. He went into the 2018 season rated as the Detroit Tigers, fourth best prospect. In my unprofessional opinion I had him as the third best. He may have the best fastball in the Detroit system. He spots it very well.


At any rate Beau Burrows, has shot through the Tigers system and is developing into a top 3 pitcher. The final piece is for Burrows, to carry his production to triple A. Which is coming sooner than later. It is just a matter of time before Detroit wants to see one of the franchises top pitching gems in action. The will come at some point this season.


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