Detroit Red Wings: A mess in goal

Embed from Getty Images An aging goalie past his prime another goalie young but who has struggled when called up from the Grand Rapids Griffins. Has Detroit Red Wings, fans uneasy.


It has come to this in Detroit. The Red Wings, due to years of over spending. Spending to upgrade the wrong positions has caught up to the organization. Veteran goalie Jimmy Howard is basically a shell of his former self and his play has dropped dramatically.

While young goalie Jared Coreau seemingly can not stop the puck consistently enough to make the coaches, front office and his teammates feel comfortable when he is called on.

The real issue is the Detroit Red Wings have no one waiting in the wings (no pun intended.) In last years NHL draft the Red Wings did draft goalie Keith Petruzzelli. Someone who I actually think can grow into a starter in the league. But that is years away from becoming a reality.

It is no secret the Winged Wheels are up against the salary cap. So they would need to dump players and contracts or make a trade to upgrade the net protector.

It is a big problem. No matter your defense or defensive prospects a team has. If the goalie can not make stops the team is doomed to struggle. It is certainly something to keep an eye on this Detroit, offseason.

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