Detroit Lions: Jarrad Davis

Embed from Getty Images A first round draft selection in last years NFL draft. The Detroit Lions have chosen to build around linebacker Jarrad Davis. For good reason.

Jarrad Davis, struggled at times last season. Many young linebackers do. In fact he was taken completely out of third down coverage because he had blown a few passing assignments.

He fought through an early season neck injury. Then it began to click for him. He’s pass coverage improved. It also became increasingly clear to the Detroit Lions, Davis was a special player. Someone who could anchor the linebackers.

With new head coach Matt Patrica, on board Jarrad, was said to be thrilled. Meanwhile Patrica who knows a thing or two about defensive players said he was excited to get to work with the young player.

It will be fun to watch Jarrad Davis’s, growth as a player. The Lions, suddenly have a very good, very solid group at linebacker. They also have a head coach and coaching staff who will utilize the speed this group has to strengthen the entire defense.

The Lions, fan base should be happy. I feel this is the best group of linebackers the Detroit Lions have had since the early 1990’s.

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