Detroit Pistons: in four season head coach Stan Van Gundy is 152-176

Embed from Getty Images THE meeting is supposed to take place this week. Detroit Pistons, owner Tom Gores and Stan Van Gundy are set to discuss the season and what lies ahead.

At 152-176 one would expect Van Gundy, has some explaining to do to his boss. After all four years ago he was brought to the Motor City to win. One playoff season simply does not cut it.

The meeting, in my opinion can go one of two ways. The first, Gores could tell Stan to make wholesale changes to his coaching staff. Perhaps new scouts could be brought in. Or second, Gores could just give Stan Van Gundy his walking papers.

That would mean Tom Gores would have to admit failure. That is a bitter pill no matter how you slice it. But, for the Pistons to move forward it may have to be swallowed.

My hope is that Gores, has asked for outside help in gathering information. That this is not a rushed or rash choice that hurts the direction of the franchise.

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