Detroit Lions: Nick Bawden

Embed from Getty Images Right after the 2017-18 Detroit Lions season ended the team did away with the fullback position. Now out of San Diego State they have drafted one.

Detroit Lions general manager Bob Quinn, continued his quest to upgrade the teams running game. Nick Bawden, Has blocked for two 1,000 yard rushers at San Diego State.

Nick, is a stron. blocker who sheds would be tacklers and paves the way for the running back.  He also has great hands and is a weapon in the pass game.

Bawden was recruited out of high school as a quarterback and has a good understanding of the offense. He does need to take better angles to the defenders at times.

Nick Bawden is a punisher of a blocker leading many experts to believe he was not going to be drafted but sign as a free agent. The Detroit Lions, in desperate need of a run game overhaul took Nick in the seventh round.

Bob Quinn, went out of his way to improve the Lions ground game in the draft. Perhaps, the thought was start from scratch. Bring in a center, right gaurd, running back and fullback. Have them young and allow them time to grow and gel together.

That is not a bad move. It could yield the Lions, high rewards.

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