Detroit Tigers: need to release Victor Martinez

Embed from Getty Images He started his career with a bang and developed into a very good teetering on feared hitters. For all he has accomplished, injuries and father time have caught up with Victor Martinez. The Detroit Tigers, need to release him.

Christian Stewart is having a great season in Toledo with the Mud Hens. In fact Stewart was a Triple-A all star. One problem. Christian should be in Detroit.

Victor Martinez, is a decorated MLB veteran. He has earned the right to finish what is likely his final season. The Detroit Tigers, in a rebuild that demands to know what prospects can bring to the parent team need to make a difficult  decision and cut ties with Martinez.

I am not one to favor cutting a player who struggles or goes through a dry spell during the season. However, when there is a prospect who should be playing in the majors and is stuck behind a veteran who has seen their play drop so far they have been benched. The choice should be easy.

There is no easy way out of this. The Detroit Tigers, seem to be fine with Victor Martinez playing out the season or riding the bench for the rest of the season. Releasing him would not be the way to send him out.

Christian Stewart, who hits for both average and power is stuck in Triple A until a roster spot opens up. I am really not sure what the Tigers front office is thinking on this subject.

With half of the season done. The Tigers have fallen out of playoff contention (not that they were a threat to make the playoffs this season) should make what amounts to the right direction.

Youth and talent over aged and declining talent. Perhaps, Detroit Tigers general manager Al Avila, can ask Martinez if he would like to retire. Players do that from time to time during the season so it is not that far fetched.

The bottom line is it is time to go with youth. It is time to change the old guard to the new. No matter personal investment.

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