Detroit Tigers: one more really bad season and then………….

Embed from Getty Images As the Detroit Tigers enter another phase of the rebuild. Tiger fans want to know when they will begin to see light from the darkness. Here is a hint. One more really bad season.


As both game attendance and t.v. rankings dropped. The Detroit Tiger forged ahead with a rebuild that seemed was going nowhere. It will feel like it again at the start of the 2019 season.


By the time the 2020 MLB season rolls around the Detroit Tigers will begin to emerge from the bad baseball and begin to resemble a young talented team.


In all 5-7 years of bad baseball will come to a halt. That is the price Detroit must pay for keeping a winning team on the field forĀ  years.


Heading into 2019 new faces Christian Stewart (OF) and Grayson Greiner (C) will be in the every day lineup. I think Detroit Tigers fans will also see the arrival of pitchers Beau Burrows and a few relief pitcher.


2020 the rest of the franchises top prospects will arrive. Franklin Perez, Casey Mize, Matt Manning will be starting pitchers in what will be a nasty rotation.


Also expect to see Isaac Paredes, Willi Castro, Cody Clemens and Jake Rogers. Will be inserted into the playing field at some point in 2020.

Then the lumps will come. The kids will need to grow up. That means taking their lumps as they learn everyday MLB play. It is absolutely needed.


It goes without saying the Tigers will be signing big name free agents by 2021. Tiger fans can also count on general manager Al Avial to make a trade or two.


When the dust settles the Detroit Tigers will be made new. Young and more athletic. Then the wins will begin. Hang in there Tiger faithful. The reward is going to be great.

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