Detroit Pistons are stuck in neutral

Embed from Getty Images Are the 2018-19 Detroit Pistons a playoff team? As of right now they are towing the line between playoff and stay at home. Right now the Detroit Pistons are losing more games than they are winning.


Should the Pistons tank for a higher draft pick? They should not seriously think about the playoffs. They simply need too much and have no cap room to add any player that can help.


Trading a player or two is an option. However unless Detroit gives up a big name or big time talent they will not be adding a player who can really help them.


Poor choices and poor contracts have the Pistons stuck in an uncomfortable place. That seemed to be a running thing between the Pistons, Red Wings and Tigers. Who could give out the most expensive salary crushing contract?


While the Tigers have done a very good job shedding salary and will be in good shape after the 2020 baseball season and the Red Wings are also currently set to enjoy freed cap room to the tune of $18 million. The Pistons are no where close to that luxury.


It is still only January so it is a bit soon to begin a full-fledged tank. It is late enough in the season to see the Detroit Pistons are in trouble. That is unsettling for the Pistons fan base who expected more and better after Stan Van Gundy was fired.


There is no easy button that can fix this. Nor is there an easy way out. The Pistons dug themselves into this mess and are going to have to dig themselves out of it. It will take time. Something no fan wants to hear.


Next Summer’s NBA draft is deep. That is the good news. The Pistons can get a reliable point guard or shooting guard. But that wait is long when the team needs are now. It would be shocking if the Pistons snuck into the playoffs. It may be best if they did not.

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