Detroit Lions mourn the death of Ron Hughes

Embed from Getty Images Ron Hughes began with the Detroit Lions  as a college scout in 1982.  Hughes then moved to player personnel. He would hold that job from 1984-2001. In 1990 Ron was in charge of the Lions scouting departments. The team benefited greatly.

Ron Hughes was directly responsible for bringing Barry Sanders, Herman Moore, Johnnie Morton, Brett Perriman and Chris Spielman to Detroit. That is just to name a few players. He put the Lions in a position to win.

During the Ron Hughes era the Detroit  Lions   reached the playoffs eight times in his 19 seasons. That is not small feat. He was a big asset to the city of Detroit, the fans and the Detroit Lions team.

To simply overlook his death would be a shame. He understood player talent while also having a pulse on the roster. He added players and cut players who did not fit in.

Although he departed the Detroit Lions in 2001. The city and fans still remember him and the work he did. Sometimes, special people do not get overlooked. Fans remember they understand a team is only as good as the general manager who in turn is only as good as his scouts.

For Ron Hughes he did his job as well as anyone. Something not lost on the Detroit Lions who issued a statement upon hearing of his death. In the sports world there are many people who do not get the credit they should. Ron Hughes was one of them. Not any more.

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