Michigan State basketball is using injuries to galvanize the team

Embed from Getty Images The Michigan State Spartans have been without Joshua Langford for a few weeks. That was the first blow for a Michigan State team that was struggling with consistency. Now without the services of Nick Ward Michigan State is being tested.

Tom Izzo, is a very good basketball coach. Tom Izzo is not a wizard. There is no magic wand that can be waived to make injuries go away. If that was the case coaches would line up for one.

The Spartans are learning to fight through their limitations. Losing two top players can be crippling to a team. “It’s going to bring our team closer together,”  Izzo said. “Whether we’ll have enough, I don’t know. We’ll find out, but I’m not counting us out.”

Depth is  critical to the overall health of any team. Even when the depth is a young player who has yet to see major game action. Still in their past two games Michigan State has fought through and won.

That is the good news. They have found players that have been pressed into action and have responded in a short period of time.  They have struggled at times but that is to be expected.

Now Tom Izzo and his Spartans will be tested. Sunday in Ann Arbor. Michigan State minus their two stars will face top ten Michigan. It will be a very tall order for Izzo’s bunch. Michigan is very good. Not to mention the game is on the Wolverines home court.

If there is one thing to remember it is this. Never count a Tom Izzo coached team out. No matter the odds, no matter who is playing and who is not. The Spartans will be ready for their in-state rival in a HUGE Big Ten showdown.

Michigan State is more than capable of  providing a convincing response to any and all questions fans and media have about the health and depth of their team. Do not count Sparty out. It could be a fatal mistake.

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