Do not look now but the Detroit Pistons are surging

Embed from Getty Images It was a sluggish, difficult December and January for the Detroit Pistons. Once February rolled around it is almost like a switch was flipped. Suddenly the Detroit Pistons look playoff ready.

The Detroit Pistons are hot again. As in how they started the 2018-19 NBA season. Hot as in this is a great time to get hot and on a roll. After what looked like would be a disappointing season. Suddenly the sun is out and things have brightened up in the Motor City.

After the NBA trade deadline was over the Pistons suddenly had something they desperately lacked, team chemistry. The Pistons biggest weakness was their bench. Now suddenly they are getting critical points solid minutes and good defense from a unit that was bad at best. A very good sign.

Winners of 6 of their last 7 games, The Detroit Pistons have surged to 7th place in the Eastern conference. Trailing the New Jersey Nets by a game and a half for 6th place. The Pistons need to continue to take steps forward. They have taken more than enough back during December and January.

The top 8 teams are headed to the 2019 NBA playoffs. Which is suddenly a real possibility. This does come with some caution. Detroit is doing this against weaker teams. The real test comes against better teams.

Daring to look ahead to the playoffs if the season ended today the Pistons would draw the Toronto Raptors. A team that Detroit matches up very well against. Still the playoffs are a ways away. There are many games still to be played.

The Pistons need to stay focused.



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