Minnesota Golden Gophers basketball Michigan and Michigan State thank you

Embed from Getty Images In one of the Big Ten basketball seasons this was one of the bigger upsets. The Purdue Boilermakers had a clear, clean path to the conference title. It all came unraveled last night in Minnesota.

The Mach 9 showdown between Michigan and Michigan State now both looms large and is now a game where the stakes are considerably higher. Higher as in  Big Ten championship high. Two bitter rivals meeting for all the marbles.

The Spartans now have a chance to clinch at least a share of their second-straight regular season Big Ten title on Saturday night, if they beat Michigan. While the Wolverines could clinch at least a share of their first regular season conference title since 2014.

Thanks to the Golden Gophers being, well golden last night The Michigan vs Michigan Sate game has turned into a prime-time, must-see game that will be played on ESPN. The network scrambled to switch prime time games after Purdue went down in defeat.

The funny part in all of this is that both Michigan and Michigan State, team, coaches, fans and players were rooting for Minnesota. Both schools had a united common denominator. A Purdue loss.

Now the fans bases and schools will get back to the business of total and utter dislike for each other schools. Winner takes a share of the title. A Northwestern win Saturday against you got it Purdue gives the Wolverines, Spartans the title outright.

It should be a great game Saturday night.

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