Detroit Red Wings Tyler Bertuzzi has a rare combination of grit and speed

Embed from Getty Images In a tough rebuilding season. One that has seen the Detroit Red Wings bottom out. The Red Wings young core has grown and taken big steps forward. One of those players has really shined. Tyler Bertuzzi.

Tyler Bertuzzi  is a bit of a throwback, in appearance with the missing teeth and the long hair. Do no let that fool you Tyler has absolutely blossomed this season for a Detroit hockey team that has struggled.

Bertuzzi plays with a lot of grit. He is not afraid to irritate opposing teams. His speed sets him apart. Yet the Red Wings are a much better team when Tyler is on the first line with Dylan Larkin and Anthony Mantha.

Bertuzzi wasn’t projected as a high-scorer when the Red Wings selected him in the second round, 58th overall, in 2013. That was a false projection. Through 58 games played Tyler has 16 goals and 33 points to go with 17 assists. He has found a home in front of the net. Tyler has been solid on the power play as well.

What really stands out about Tyler Bertuzzi is he is big on the puck, he has good  hands, he’s got the shot, He is not the most flashy player. Yet “Bert” as he known by his teammates makes the Detroit Red Wings a better more dangerous team.

One of his biggest attributes is Bertuzzi is not afraid to  play physical on the wall and in the corners or on the blue line. He is always looking for ways to get the puck. He also is always looking for someone to knock out of the way.

Tyler has shown  he can make great decisions with the puck. Something that takes young players a while to pick up on. What has helped the Red Wings now and will help in the future is Bertuzzi has the versatility to play on a top line while he can also play on the grind line.

Tyler Bertuzzi has become a fan favorite. He has endeared himself to his teammates and shown that he is a valuable player who will be key to the next wave of Detroit Red Wings playoff hockey. Which is coming soon.


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