Detroit Tigers Christian Stewart ready for take off

Embed from Getty Images On a steamy spring training day, Detroit Tigers rookie outfielder Christian Stewart steps up to bat. Atlanta Braves left handed pitcher Sean Newcome on the mound. This encouraged the Detroit Tigers coaches and front office. Stewart a left hander himself was facing a left handed pitcher.

This was a big knock on Stewart coming out of college. He was good against right handed pitchers. In fact Christian was almost deadly against righties. His big struggle was left handed on left handed.

Yet, here he was. Having mastered hitting lefties last season while in Toledo with the Mud Hens.  Newcome fired a 94 mph fastball towards home plate. Smack! Christian Stewart lined it in the gap for a two out, two R.B.I. double.

The great Ted Williams once said “you only get one pitch to hit in an at-bat, don’t take it, don’t miss it, don’t foul it off.” Christian Stewart, has adopted the Hall of Famers philosophy.

The best part of Christian Stewart’s development is that He can bat second in the lineup or fifth. When asked Stewart said he does not care where his name is on the lineup card. That he is going to do his job.

In a 17 game callup last September, Stewart amassed 72 at bats, hitting .267 with 2 home runs. This spring Christian is hitting .320 with 2 home runs.

Stewart looks more relaxed this spring. Detroit is handing the masher the leftfield job. While defense is well below average, hitting is well above average. Stewart projects as a mid 30’s home run hitter. Once Detroit develops their minor league outfielders and the rebuild is over Stewart will most likely be moved to D.H.

Make no mistake Christian Stewart, is part of the Detroit Tigers long range plans. He will be a middle of the order bat. He is a home run and R.B.I. machine.

This will be his first full season in Detroit. Stewart is ready. It is one more step in the rebuild. Detroit Tigers fans should get ready for some moon-shots. While in Toledo, Christian hit a ball out of the park. As in out in the parking lot. This spring he hit the light tower at Joker Merchant Stadium.

Christian Stewart is reason Tigers fans should tune in. The guy is good for something special every game.

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