Michigan State Spartans win the Big Ten tournament

Embed from Getty Images The third time was not the charm for the Michigan Wolverines basketball team. Michigan State trailing at halftime fought back and eventually beat their biggest rival for the third time this season. This time Michigan State walked away tournament champions.

Another game, another injury for the Michigan State Spartans. This time Kyle Ahrens went down in what looked like a gruesome injury. Early reports are a very bad sprained ankle. Yet once again the Spartans rallied.

A 3 game season sweep. That is what Tom Izzo’s Michigan State basketball team did to the Michigan Wolverines. Trailing by as many as 13 the Spartans refused to give up. Not that anyone thought they would.

This marks the first time in the storied Michigan, Michigan State rivalry that one school as won three contests. As good as this game was the Ahrens injury silenced the crowd and brought some of his Spartans teammates to tears as Kyle lay on the court squirming and crying from the pain.

Yet, Tom Izzo showed once again he is the band-aid that as held the Spartans together all season. It could be argued Izzo did some of his absolute best coaching than he has in the last three seasons. Instead of folding when Kyle Ahrens went down, Michigan State dug deep down and found the heart of a champion.

The exclamation point came when Michigan State’s Cassius Winston (Big Ten player of the year) who did not have a great game somehow clutch basket to put a dagger in the Wolverines. Good players rise to the occasion, Winston has been that player all season for Michigan State.

After the game was over and the confetti was falling there stood Tom Izzo with an ear to ear grin. Can you blame him? He was masterful and his team responded. Beating Michigan three times in one season leave no doubt, Michigan State earned the tournament title.

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